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3. ePart 2011: Delft, The Netherlands

Electronic Participation - Third IFIP WG 8.5 International Conference, ePart 2011, Delft, The Netherlands, August 29 - September 1, 2011. Proceedings

Efthimios Tambouris, Ann Macintosh, Hans de Bruijn

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6847, ISBN: 978-3-642-23332-6


Appreciation of Social Media

Understanding TwitterTM Use among Parliament Representatives: A Genre Analysis.

Øystein Sæbø


Left and Right in the Blogosphere: Ideological Differences in Online Campaigning.

Joachim Åström, Martin Karlsson


Social Media and Political Participation: Are Facebook, Twitter and YouTube Democratizing Our Political Systems?

Robin Effing, Jos van Hillegersberg, Theo W. C. Huibers


Combining Social and Government Open Data for Participatory Decision-Making.

Evangelos Kalampokis, Michael Hausenblas, Konstantinos A. Tarabanis


Extracting Semantic Knowledge from Twitter.

Peter Teufl, Stefan Kraxberger


Visualising Arguments

Argument Visualization for eParticipation: Towards a Research Agenda and Prototype Tool.

Neil Benn, Ann Macintosh


Evaluation of an Argument Visualisation Platform by Experts and Policy Makers.

Efthimios Tambouris, Efpraxia Dalakiouridou, Eleni Panopoulou, Konstantinos A. Tarabanis


ArgVis: Structuring Political Deliberations Using Innovative Visualisation Technologies.

Areti Karamanou, Nikolaos Loutas, Konstantinos A. Tarabanis


Understanding eParticipation

eParticipation Research: A Longitudinal Overview.

Rony Medaglia


Power and Participation in Digital Late Modernity: Towards a Network Logic.

Jakob Svensson


Inform-Consult-Empower: A Three-Tiered Approach to eParticipation.

Deirdre Lee, Nikolaos Loutas, Elena Sánchez-Nielsen, Esen Mogulkoc, Oli Lacigova


Design Thinking and Participation: Lessons Learned from Three Case Studies.

Olivier Glassey, Jean-Henry Morin, Patrick Genoud, Giorgio Pauletto


Reference Framework for E-participation Projects.

Sabrina Scherer, Maria Wimmer


eParticipation Initiatives and Country Studies

Measure to Improve: A Study of eParticipation in Frontrunner Dutch Municipalities.

Anne Fleur van Veenstra, Marijn Janssen, Andreas Boon


Direct Democracy Catalysed by Resident-to-Resident Online Deliberation.

Rean van der Merwe, Anthony Meehan


Knowledge as Power on the Internet.

Zelinna Pablo, Cynthia Hardy


Revisiting the Conceptualisation of e-Campaigning: Putting Campaign Back in e-Campaigning Research.

Hugo Gong, Miriam Lips, Mary Tate


An Overview Assessment of ePetitioning Tools in the English Local Government.

Panagiotis Panagiotopoulos, Christopher Moody, Tony Elliman


Questão Pública: First Voting Advice Application in Latin America.

Alejandra Marzuca, Uwe Serdült, Yanina Welp


iLeger: A Web Based Application for Participative Elections.

Artur Afonso Sousa, Pedro Agante, Luis Borges Gouveia


Participation and eServices

One for All, All for One - Performing Citizen Driven Development of Public E-Services.

Katarina Lindblad-Gidlund


Talking about Public Service Processes.

Bruna Diirr, Renata Mendes de Araujo, Claudia Cappelli


Innovation and Evolution of Services: Role of Initiatives.

Anastasiya Yurchyshyna, Abdelaziz Khadraoui, Wanda Opprecht, Michel Léonard


Innovative Technologies

Citizen Engagement with Information Aggregation Markets.

Efthimios Bothos, Dimitris Apostolou, Gregoris Mentzas


Towards a Structured Online Consultation Tool.

Adam Zachary Wyner, Katie Atkinson, Trevor J. M. Bench-Capon


A Review of Opinion Mining Methods for Analyzing Citizens' Contributions in Public Policy Debate.

Manolis Maragoudakis, Euripidis Loukis, Yannis Charalabidis