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History of Nordic Computing 2003: Trondheim, Norway

History of Nordic Computing, IFIP WG9.7 First Working Conference on the History of Nordic Computing (HiNC1), June 16-18, 2003, Trondheim, Norway

Janis A. Bubenko Jr., John Impagliazzo, Arne Sølvberg

Springer, IFIP 174, ISBN: 0-387-24167-1


Reflections, Thoughts, and Episodes.

Börje Langefors


An Interview with Börje Langefors.

Janis A. Bubenko Jr., Ingemar Dahlstrand


The Pioneer Era in Norwegian Scientific Computing (1948-1962).

Drude Berntsen


The Role of IBM in Starting up Computing in the Nordic Countries.

Hans E. Andersin


Computerisation of the Icelandic State and Municipalities.

Oddur Benediktsson, Jóhann Gunnarsson, Egill B. Hreinsson, Jakob Jakobsson, Örn Kaldalóns, Óttar Kjartansson, Ólafur Rósmundsson, Helgi Sigvaldason, Gunnar Stefansson, Jón Zophoniasson


Technology Transfer, Modernization, and the Welfare State.

Per Vingaard Klüver


A Failure Revisited: The First Finnish Computer Construction Project.

Petri Paju


On the Politics of Failure.

Anders Carlsson


Birth of Computer Science Education and Research in Finland.

Reino Kurki-Suonio


The Advent of the First General-Purpose Computer in Iceland.

Magnús Magnússon


Early Curricula in Computer Science at the University of Iceland.

Oddur Benediktsson


Research and Curricula Development at Norwegian Universities.

Terje O. Espelid, Arne Maus, Svein Nordbotten, Knut Skog, Arne Sølvberg


Introducing Information Technology at Norwegian Regional Colleges.

Per Ofstad


Nordic Cooperation within the Field of Computing.

Erik Bruhn


Cooperation as a Driving Force in Nordic IT.

Jussi Tuori


History of the Nordic Computer Industry.

Christian Gram, Tero Laaksonen, Tomas Ohlin, Harold W. Lawson, Rolf Skår, Ole Stangegaard


The Datasaab Flexible Central Processing Unit.

Harold W. Lawson


Introduction of Computers in Norwegian School Mathematics.

Herman Ruge


From Programming to System Design.

Lauri Fontell


The Birth of it in Upper Secondary Education in Norway.

Steinar Thorvaldsen, Jan Wibe


IT for Learning: A Need for a New Approach?.

Anita Kollerbaur


The Early Nordic Software Effort.

Ingemar Dahlstrand



Bengt Asker


The Birth of Simula.

Stein Krogdahl


Club Activity in the Early Phases of Microcomputing in Finland.

Petri Saarikoski



Harald Yndestad


From Binary Strings to Visual Programming.

Knut Skog


Ferranti Mercury at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment.

T. William Olle


Making Computing Available.

Norman Sanders


SCIP: A Scandinavian Project on Systems Analysis and Design.

Paul Lindgreen


IS Scandinavian Information Systems Development Becoming Passé?.

Juhani Iivari


Significant Applications.

Nils Høeg


Applications and Technologies for Maritime and Offshore Industries.

Trond Vahl


Applications and Technologies for Maritime and Offshore Industries.

Trygve Reenskaug


Nordunet: The Roots of Nordic Networking.

Rolf Nordhagen


Where Were the Women?

Eva Lindencrona


When Computers Became of Interest in Politics.

Sten Henriksson


Development in the Growth Base of the 'Oulu Phenomenon'.

Henry Oinas-Kukkonen, Jouni Similä, Pentti Kerola, Petri Pulli, Samuli Saukkonen


The Norwegian Computing Center and the Univac 1107 (1963-1970).

Knut Elgsaas, Håvard Hegna


The Wegematic 1000 Computing Centre, 1959-1964.

Jaakko Suominen, Petri Paju, Aimo A. Törn


Concluding Remarks.

Tomas Ohlin, Lars Heide, Niels Hoeg, Martti Tienari