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History of Nordic Computing 2007: Turku, Finland

History of Nordic Computing 2 - Second IFIP WG 9.7 Conference, HiNC2, Turku, Finland, August 21-23, 2007, Revised Selected Papers

John Impagliazzo, Timo Järvi, Petri Paju

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 303, ISBN: 978-3-642-03756-6


Organizing the History of Computing - 'Lessons Learned' at the Charles Babbage Institute.

Thomas J. Misa


Provisioning of Safe Train Control in Nordic Countries.

Harold W. Lawson


Computing and Computer Science in the Soviet Baltic Region.

Enn Tyugu


What Do IT-People Know about the Nordic History of Computers and User Interfaces? - A Preliminary Survey.

Anker Helms Jørgensen


Increasing the Museum Value of Information Technology Objects - The Case of the Finnish Data Processing Museum Association.

Emmi Tittonen


Preserving Our Digital Heritage: Experiences from the Pelikonepeijoonit Project.

Mikko Heinonen, Markku Reunanen


From Computing Machines to IT - Collecting, Documenting, and Preserving Source Material on Swedish IT-History.

Per Lundin


Agentization in Computing: How to Ameliorate the Consequences of the History Today?

Kai K. Kimppa, Janne Lahtiranta, Markku I. Nurminen


Computer Fiction: "A Logic Named Joe" - Towards Investigating the Importance of Science Fiction in the Historical Development of Computing.

David L. Ferro, Eric Swedin


Annotations of First Generation Systems Development in Sweden.

Janis A. Bubenko Jr.


Centralized versus Decentralized Information Systems - A Historical Flashback.

Mats-Åke Hugoson


Scientific Computers at the Helsinki University of Technology during the Post Pioneering Stage.

Panu Nykänen, Hans Andersin


Tool or Science? The History of Computing at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

Ola Nordal


The Development of University Computing in Sweden 1965-1985.

Ingemar Dahlstrand


Information Processing - Administrative Data Processing - The First Courses at KTH and SU, 1966-67.

Janis A. Bubenko Jr.


FORTRAN II - The First Computer Language Used at the University of Iceland.

Oddur Benediktsson


The Development of Computer Policies in Government, Political Parties, and Trade Unions in Norway 1961-1983.

Knut Elgsaas, Håvard Hegna


Computer Industry as a National Task - The Finnish Computer Project and the Question of State Involvement in the 1970s.

Petri Paju


Information Systems and Software Engineering Research and Education in Oulu until the 1990s.

Henry Oinas-Kukkonen, Pentti Kerola, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, Jouni Similä, Petri Pulli


The Impact of Computer Science on the Development of Oulu ICT during 1985-1990.

Henry Oinas-Kukkonen, Jouni Similä, Petri Pulli, Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, Pentti Kerola


Reflections of Computing Experiences in a Steel Factory in the Early 1960s.

Pertti Järvinen


Early Use of the Computer for Adjusting Triangulation in Iceland.

Gunnar Thorbergsson


Data Processing with Unit Record Equipment in Iceland.

Óttar Kjartansson


Computerized Typesetting and Other New Applications in a Publishing House.

Timo Järvi


The Early Days of Computer Aided Newspaper Production Systems.

Nils Enlund, Hans E. Andersin


Modernizing Text and Data Networks in the Early 1980s.

Ossi Väänänen, Olli Mertanen


Lexicography for IBM - Developing Norwegian Linguistic Resources in the 1980s.

Jan Engh


The Development of Software Testing in Finland 1950-2000.

Pentti A. Pohjolainen


An Early Danish Computer Game - The Case of Nim, Piet Hein, and Regnecentralen.

Anker Helms Jørgensen


Demoscene Platforms: A Case Study on the Adoption of Home Computers.

Markku Reunanen, Antti Silvast


IT Museums and Related Projects in the Nordic Countries - Summary of a Panel Discussion.

Jaakko Suominen, Kimmo Antila, Peter Blom, Ola Nordal, Outi Penninkangas


University Education on Computers - Summary of a Panel Discussion.

Reino Kurki-Suonio, Oddur Benediktsson, Janis A. Bubenko Jr., Ingemar Dahlstrand, Christian Gram, John Impagliazzo