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PLM 2012: Montreal, QC, Canada

Product Lifecycle Management. Towards Knowledge-Rich Enterprises - IFIP WG 5.1 International Conference, PLM 2012, Montreal, QC, Canada, July 9-11, 2012, Revised Selected Papers

Louis Rivest, Abdelaziz Bouras, Borhen Louhichi

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 388, ISBN: 978-3-642-35757-2


Knowledge Management

Semantic Relationship Based Knowledge Management and Reuse in Collaborative Product Development.

Ibrahim Assouroko, Guillaume Ducellier, Benoît Eynard, Philippe Boutinaud


Several Aspects of Information Flows in PLM.

Hong-Bae Jun, Dimitris Kiritsis


Managing Knowledge Needs during New Product Lifecycle Design on Quick-term Project Development QPD: Case Study of 24 Hours of Innovation - ETS Montreal.

Luz-Maria Jiménez-Narvaez, Kimiz Dalkir, Mickaël Gardoni


Functional Architecture and Specifications for Tolerancing Data and Knowledge Management.

Farouk Belkadi, Magali Bosch-Mauchand, Yannick Kibamba, Julien Le Duigou, Benoît Eynard


The Role of Internal and External Sources of Knowledge in the Product Lifecycle in Biotechnology Sector.

Elham Tayaran, Andrea Schiffauerova


Towards the Definition of Domain Concepts and Knowledge through the Application of the User Story Mapping Method.

Ana Milicic, Apostolos Perdikakis, Soumaya El Kadiri, Dimitris Kiritsis, Petko Ivanov


Mereotopological Description of Product-Process Information and Knowledge for PLM.

Frédéric Demoly, Aristeidis Matsokis, Dimitris Kiritsis, Samuel Gomes


The Need for Improved Integration between PLM and KM: A PLM Services Provider Point of View.

Berit Folkard, Yves Keraron, Damien Mantoulan, Roger Dubois


ECO-Boat MOL Capturing Data from Real Use of the Product.

Carl Christian Røstad, Bjørnar Henriksen


PLM Ecosystem

Shift from PLM to SLM: A Method to Support Business Requirements Elicitation for Service Innovation.

Margherita Peruzzini, Michele Germani, Claudio Favi


Life-Cycle Oriented Requirement Formalization and Traceability.

Robert Orawski, Clemens Hepperle, Sebastian A. Schenkl, Markus Mörtl, Udo Lindemann


PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) Model for Supply Chain Optimization.

Imane Bouhaddou, Abdellatif BenAbdelhafid, Latifa Ouzizi, Youssef Benghabrit


PLM Interoperability with Information Systems.

Aurélie Bissay, Kamal Cheballah


Manufacturing Process Planning in Set-Based Concurrent Engineering Paradigm.

Endris Kerga, Marco Taisch, Sergio Terzi


PLM-Based Service Data Management in Steam Turbine Business.

Patrick Müller, Michael Muschiol, Rainer Stark


Verification of Item Usage Rules in Product Configuration.

Alexey Voronov, Anna Tidstam, Knut Åkesson, Johan Malmqvist


DMU Maturity Management as an Extension of the Core Product Model.

Guillaume Herlem, Pierre-Antoine Adragna, Guillaume Ducellier, Alexandre Durupt


Design and Implementation of a PLM System for Sustainable Manufacturing.

Wen-Bin Zhao, Yang Ho Park, Hye Yun Lee, Chan Mo Jun, Sang Do Noh


Visual and Interactive Tool for Product Development Process Enhancement: Towards Intuitive Support of Co-located Project Review.

Samira Sadeghi, Cédric Masclet, Frédéric Noël


Virtually Indistinguishable - Systems Engineering and PLM.

Michael W. Grieves


Tools and Methodologies

Product Data Reuse in Product Development: A Practitioner's Perspective.

M. A. El Hani, Louis Rivest, Roland Maranzana


Operational Framework Based on Modeling Languages to Support Product Repository Implementation.

Muriel Pinel, Christian Braesch, Laurent Tabourot, Aline Berger


Adapting Product and Development Process for Risk Reduction in New Product Development.

Marc Neumann, Tim Sadek, Patrick Labenda


Product Life Cycle Oriented Representation of Uncertainty.

Andre Sprenger, Reiner Anderl


Learning Methodologies to Diffuse Lean Product Development to Industries.

Monica Rossi, Endris Kerga, Marco Taisch, Sergio Terzi


Set-Based Prototyping with Digital Mock-Up Technologies.

Boris Toche, Robert Pellerin, Clement Fortin, Greg Huet


Improved Span Time Performance in NPD Using Better Coordination.

Samuel Suss, Vince Thomson


The Role of Product Lifecycle Management Systems in Organizational Innovation.

Hamzeh K. Bani Milhim, Xiaoguang Deng, Andrea Schiffauerova, Yong Zeng


Creative Tools and Processes to Remain Competitive in the Twenty-First Century.

Mario Dubois, Loic Hamel, Mickael Gardoni


Towards PLM for Mechatronics System Design Using Concurrent Software Versioning Principles.

Matthieu Bricogne, Louis Rivest, Nadege Troussier, Benoît Eynard


Lifecycle Oriented Planning of Mechatronic Products and Corresponding Services.

Konstantin Kernschmidt, Clemens Hepperle, Markus Mörtl, Birgit Vogel-Heuser


Design System Assessment Tool.

S. Gendron, J. Brousseau, A. Elouafi, B. Urli


Software Management in Product Structure.

Gülden Senaltun, Can Cangelir


PLMXQuery: Towards a Standard PLM Querying Approach.

Mohamed-Foued Sriti, Philippe Boutinaud



Study on Collaborative Product Development and Digital Engineering Tools.

Patrick Müller, Florian Pasch, Roland Drewinski, Heinz Bedenbender, Haygazun Hayka, Rainer Stark


Can a Product Have a Facebook? A New Perspective on Product Avatars in Product Lifecycle Management.

Thorsten Wuest, Karl Hribernik, Klaus-Dieter Thoben


Management of Associations within Digital Mock-Ups for Improved Collaboration.

Borhen Louhichi, Louis Rivest


A Framework for Evaluating Collaborative Product Representations in Product Lifecycle Workflows.

Nathan Hartman, Phil Rosche, Kevin Fischer


Future Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) - A Consideration of Informal Communication as a Key Enabler for Future Product Development.

Andrea Denger, Wolfgang Unzeitig


Modelling for PLM

Integration of Explicit Geometric Constraints in the Comparison of 3D CAD Models for Part Design Reuse.

Antoine Brière-Côté, Louis Rivest, Roland Maranzana


From Functional Analysis to CAD Modelling Based on Knowledge Transformation Driven by the Design Process.

Mehdi Iraqi-Houssaini, Lionel Roucoules


A BREP Model and Mesh Errors Detecting Tool: TopoVisu.

François Petit, François Guibault


A Modeling Language for 3D Process Plant Layout Representation, Exchange and Visualization.

Thomas Paviot, Virginie Fortineau, Samir Lamouri, Ludovic Louis-Sidney


PLM as Support for Global Design Reuse - Long Term Benefits and Immediate Drawbacks.

Christoffer Levandowski, Mattias Bokinge, Johan Malmqvist, Hans Johannesson



PLM Impact Analysis Model - PIA.

Simo-Pekka Leino, Juha-Pekka Anttila, Juhamatti Heikkilä, Joonas Aaltonen, Kaj Helin


A Method to Identify Risks Associated with a PLM Solution.

Mattias Bokinge, Christoffer Levandowski, Johan Malmqvist, Hans Johannesson


PLM Reference Model: A Preliminary Proposal for Reference Model Evolution.

Eduardo Zancul


Decision Support Framework for PLM Harmonization Projects within Industrial Companies.

Michael Abramovici, Jens Christian Göbel


Collaborative Design Tools: A Comparison between Free Software and PLM Solutions in Engineering Education.

Nicolas Maranzana, Frédéric Segonds, Frederic Lesage, Julien Nelson


Web, Semantics and Ontologies for PLM

A Holistic Approach for the Architecture and Design of an Ontology-Based Data Integration Capability in Product Master Data Management.

Daniel Fitzpatrick, François Coallier, Sylvie Ratté


Dynamic Customization and Validation of Product Data Models Using Semantic Web Tools.

Sylvere Krima, Allison Barnard Feeney, Sebti Foufou


Toward an Automatic Reduction of Non-added Values Tasks in the Project-Product-Process Domain.

Jeremy Boxberger, Mathieu Lebouteiller, Toufik Boudouh, Samuel Gomes


SWRL as a Rule Language for Ontology-Based Models in Power Plant Design.

Virginie Fortineau, Thomas Paviot, Ludovic Louis-Sidney, Samir Lamouri


Formalization for PLM

Visual Product Architecture Modelling for Structuring Data in a PLM System.

Hans Peter Lomholt Bruun, Niels Henrik Mortensen


Towards Model-Based System Engineering for Simulation-Based Design in Product Data Management Systems.

Thomas Vosgien, Thomas Nguyen Van, Marija Jankovic, Benoît Eynard, Jean-Claude Bocquet


Defining the Customer Dimension of PLM Maturity.

Hannu Kärkkäinen, Henk Jan Pels, Anneli Silventoinen


Maturity Model for Improving Virtual Engineering in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises.

Tobias Bensiek, Arno Kuehn


Approach on Lifecycles on Research Environment and Analysis Based on Systems Engineering (SE).

Marja Lintala, Jivka Ovtcharova, Pierre Bonnal