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CONFENIS 2006: Vienna, Austria

Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems - IFIP TC 8 International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems (CONFENIS 2006) April 24-26, 2006, Vienna, Austria

A Min Tjoa, Li Da Xu, Sohail S. Chaudhry

Springer, IFIP 205, ISBN: 978-0-387-34345-7


Self-Organizing Model for Virtual Enterprises.

Dianxun Shuai, Qing Shuai, Liangjun Huang, Yuzhe Liu


A Spatio-temporal Database System Based on TimeDB and Oracle Spatial.

Alexandre Carvalho, Cristina Ribeiro, A. Augusto de Sousa


Maintaining Temporal Warehouse Models.

Johann Eder, Christian Koncilia, Karl Wiggisser


Data Clustering in Enterprise Computing: A New Generalized Cellular Automata.

Dianxun Shuai, Qing Shuai, Yuming Dong, Liangjun Huang


An Information Broker for Integrating Heterogeneous Hydrologic Data Sources: A Web Services Approach.

Fabio Calefato, Attilio Colagrossi, Domenico Gendarmi, Filippo Lanubile, Giovanni Semeraro


Context-Aware Ubiquitous Service Composition Technology.

Yoji Yamato, Yohei Tanaka, Hiroshi Sunaga


A Modeling Approach for Service-Oriented Architecture.

Tao Zhang, Shing Ying, Sheng Cao, Jiankeng Zhang, Jun Wei


XML-based EIS - A Meta Schema for Mapping XML Schema to Relational DBS.

Elisabeth Kapsammer


Continual Business Transformation Technology.

Thomas Li, Wei Ding 0002, Chunhua Tian, Rongzeng Cao, Shunxiang Yang, Jim Zhu


Business Componentization: A Guidance to Application Service Design.

Chunhua Tian, Wei Ding 0002, Rongzeng Cao, Juhnyoung Lee


Particle Model to Optimize Enterprise Computing.

Dianxun Shuai, Qing Shuai, Yuzhe Liu, Liangjun Huang


Intelligent Enterprises for Construction: Bridging the Technology and Knowledge Gaps through Innovation and Education.

Bee-Hua Goh


Grid Computing Simulation and Verification Based on pi Calculus.

Tao Hu, Shaofan Chen, Weibo Lin


Formalization of Mining Association Rules based on Relational Database in EIS.

Hong Zhang, Bo Zhang


Architectural Design of Distributed Operation Monitoring Systems.

Chengen Wang


A UML 2 Profile for Event Driven Process Chains.

Birgit Korherr, Beate List


Transforming the IT organization for E-Business: A Perspective of Integration.

Huang Jie, Shuojia Guo


Usage of Enterprise Modeling Processes and Information Systems Design to Forecast Demand.

Luciana Rocha dos Santos, Simone Vasconçelos Silva, Renato de Campos


J2EE Development Based on the JSED Template.

Hui Li, Hong Zhang, Yan Li, Tiefeng Jin


Enterprise Knowledge Integration by Semantic Web.

Wendong Gu, Guoping Xia, Weijia You


Enterprise Information Integration.

Nacira Ghoualmi Zine


Value-Oriented IT Project Portfolio Management.

Rongzeng Cao, Wei Ding 0002, Chunhua Tian, Juhnyoung Lee


Enterprise Maturity Model - The Technology Aligned Business Strategy Model for Indian Banks.

Hemalatha Diwakar, Asish Saha


ERP - Change Agent or a Legacy System in Disguise: A Chinese Case.

Nasrin Rahmati, Gouyi Cao


Enterprise Information Systems for Large-Scale Engineering Projects.

Tianshe Yang, Hong Wang, Sohail S. Chaudhry, Huijing Huang


ISRUP E-Service Framework Balanced Scorecard to Measure the Capabilities from the Methodologies, Processes, Notations, Life Cycles, and Standards.

Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi, Mohammadreza Razzazi, Mohammad Teshnehlab


Enterprise Architecture Definition Framework for IT Service Providers.

Shankar Kambhampaty, Satish Chandra


Studies of Enterprises' Modularization Decomposition.

Tao Wu, Wenjin Wu, Shuojia Guo, Rongqiu Chen


A Multi-Layer Framework for Enterprise Application Development.

Rodrigo Soares Manhães, Alexandre Gomes da Silva, Luiz Batista de Almeida, Rogério Atem de Carvalho


Reuse Software Architecture through Dynamic Composition.

ZaoQing Liang, Shi Ying, Rongzeng Cao, Xiangyang Jia, Tao Zhang


On Managing the Enterprise Information Systems Transformation: Lessons learned and research challenges.

Charles Møller


Critical Success Factors for ERP Deployments.

Ildemaro Araujo


Improving the Accuracy of Execution Data of ERP Systems: A Case Study in the Zongxin Telecom Corporation.

Feng Wu, Huaizu Li, Lap Keung Chu, Domenic Sculli, Y. Wu


Developing a Practical Framework for ERP Project Implementation: A Proposed Research Design.

John J. Sullivan, Mela Wyeth, Wade M. Chumney


Renovating Information Technology Infrastructure to Effectively Provide E-Services.

Mara Nikolaidou, G. Laskaridis, A. Panayiotaki, Dimosthenis Anagnostopoulos


The Timeless Way of Building REA Enterprise Systems.

Guido L. Geerts


Development of Enterprise Information System Using Business Component-Based Approach.

Xueping Wang, Chenghu Zhang, Xinqin Gao, Zongbin Li


Reconfiguring Business Process for Enterprise Information System Based on UML and Polychromatic Sets.

Xinqin Gao, Zongbin Li, Liping Zhao 0002, Yiyong Yao


Extending the Enterprise: An Evaluation of ERP and EAI Technologies within a Case Study Organisation.

Amir M. Sharif, Zahir Irani


Mappings from OWL-s to UML for Semantic Web Services.

Chong Wang 0004, Keqing He, Yangfan He, Wei Qian


A Tourism Resources Integration Mechanism based on XML and Web Service.

Tao Hu, Weicai Du, Linfeng Dong


Exploitation of Semantic Web Technology in ERP Systems.

Amin Anjomshoaa, Shuaib Karim, Ferial Shayeganfar, A. Min Tjoa


An Extended TAM for Subscribers' Adoption of Mobile Data Services Provided by Wireless Communication Systems.

Jiayin Qi, Huaying Shu, Jianqiu Zeng


Skeleton of a Supervisor for Enterprise Information Systems.

James D. Jones, Steve Reames, George Pandzik


Study of Personalized Trust Model in Enterprise Computing Environment.

Lu Liu, Yanchun Zhu


An Integrated Information System for Financial Investment.

Xiaotian Zhu, Hong Wang


OSS and ERP Systems: Likeness, Difference and Reference.

Jiayin Qi, Huaying Shu, Kaili Kan


An E-Activities Platform to Support SMEs.

Athanasios Drigas, Leyteris Koukianakis, Yannis Papagerasimou


An Integrated Information System for Route Inspection in Manufacturing.

Qing Zhang, Guanghua Xu, Jing Wang, Dan Liu


A Data Collector for Route Inspection Based on Palm Handheld in Industry.

Jing Wang, Qing Zhang, Sicong Zhang, Dan Liu, Guanghua Xu


Study on Information Integration of Condition Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System in Manufacturing.

Dan Liu, Guanghua Xu, Lin Liang, Ailing Luo


Metadata and Semantics: A Case Study on Semantic Searching in Web System.

Marut Buranarach, Michael B. Spring


A DSS based on Entropy Method in EIS in Chinese Financial Sectors.

Renqian Zhang, Hongxun Jiang


Knowledge Portal Construction and Resources Integration for Hydropower Corporation.

Li Wang 0022, Lu Liu, Weijia You


A Method for Enterprise Knowledge Map Construction Based on Social Classification.

Lu Liu, Jing Li, Chenggong Lv


Critical Success Factors for ERP Life Cycle Implementation.

Guang-hui Chen, Chun-qing Li, Yun-xiu Sai


The Study of Information Integration in EIS Based On Grid.

Renjing Liu, Jing Tian


Critical Success Factors in ERP Upgrade Projects.

David L. Olson, Fan Zhao


The Influence of Knowledge Transfers on the Implementation of Enterprise Information Systems.

Radhika Santhanam, Sharath Sasidharan, Daniel J. Brass, Vallabh Sambamurthy


Mobile Customer Demand Discrimination Modeling in Enterprise Information Systems.

Yajing Si, Jiayin Qi, Huaying Shu, Hua Ai


Predicting Churn Probability of Fixed-line Subscriber with Limited Information: A Data Mining Paradigm for Enterprise Computing.

Yingying Zhang, Jiayin Qi, Huaying Shu, Yuanquan Li


A Case of Individualized Information Monitoring and Customizing System for a News Group.

Guoping Xia, Jiangang Shen, Feng Lu


A Study on Knowledge Management in Enterprise Information Systems.

Shuojia Guo, Chengen Wang, Xiaochuan Luo


An Open Web Service-Based DSS.

Yaqing Si, Yonggang Chen, Shaofeng Zhang


The Theoretical Underpinnings of the Influence of Customer Reward Programs on Customer Retention: A Framework and Propositions for Future Research.

Chunqing Li, Ping Zhao, Junping Ma


The New Cognition of Supply Chain Integration: Management Interface Integration.

Tao Wu, Shuojia Guo, Rongqiu Chen


A Hidden Markov Model of Customer Relationship Dynamics in Retailing Industry.

Gang Li, Chunqing Li, Weifeng Jia


Extended Enterprise Information Sharing in a Supply Chain Environment based on Symbiosis Theory.

Renjing Liu, Honghong He


Study on Purchase Probability Model in CRM Systems.

Jiayin Qi, Huaying Shu, Huaizu Li


A Study on the EIS Market of Chinese SMEs.

Lei Zhang, Zhanhong Xin, Jiantong Cao


Study of Systems Methodology in ERP Implementation in China.

Li Zhang, Shuojia Guo, Yanping Liu, Jung Choi


Issues on Evaluating Free/Open Source ERP Systems.

Rogerio Atem de Carvalho


Modeling Architecture and Reference Models for the ERP5 Project.

Renato de Campos, Rogério Atem de Carvalho, Ailton Ferreira


Open Source Software Migration in Integrated Information Systems in Public Sector.

Bruno Rossi, Barbara Russo, Giancarlo Succi


Analysis of M-Commerce in China.

Jian Tong Cao, Yi Xiang Tong, Zhi Ke Che, Xiao Li


Free/Open Source ERP and Translation Processes: Four Empirical Cases.

Elena Erbizzoni, Maurizio Teli, Gian Marco Campagnolo, Stefano De Paoli, Vincenzo D'Andrea


The Implication of Dissipative Structure Theory to Enterprise Information System.

Jinling Li, Renjing Liu, Shanshan Sheng


Feasibility Identification for Networks with Generalized Precedence Relations (GPRs).

Wanan Cui, Bin Song, Xin Xie, Chaoyuan Yue, Zheng Yin


Polychromatic Sets Theory and its Application in Enterprise Information Systems.

Zongbin Li, Lida Xu, Shanshan Zhao


The Moving Competitive Advantage of Enterprises: Situation Advantage.

Jinling Li, Renjing Liu


Study on the Game of Payment Distribution Mode about AVEs.

Jinling Li, Renjing Liu, Jiuhong Chen


System Dynamics Report of Telecom Industry in China.

Jiayin Qi, Hua (Jones) Ai, Huaying Shu, Zhanhong Xin


An Empirical Research on SMC in an Extended Enterprise Environment.

Jiayin Qi, Huaying Shu, Huaizu Li


Modeling the Product Development Process as a Dynamic System with Feedback.

Ying-Kui Gu, Jung Y. Choi, Hong-Zhong Huang


A Disassembly Model based on Polychromatic Sets Theory for Manufacturing Systems.

Lijun Yan, Lili Jiang, Zongbin Li


Multicriteria Model for Selection of Automated System Tests.

Márcia Sampaio, Paula Donegan, Ana Karoline Araújo de Castro, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro, Adriano de Carvalho, Arnaldo Dias Belchior