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CONFENIS 2007: Beijing, China

Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems II, Volume 1, IFIP TC 8 WG 8.9 International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems (CONFENIS 2007), October 14-16, 2007, Beijing, China

Li Da Xu, A. Min Tjoa, Sohail S. Chaudhry

Springer, IFIP 254, ISBN: 978-0-387-75901-2


A Hybrid Approach for Business Process Verification.

Bing Li, Junichi Iijima


Grid-Based Information Aggregation Architecture for Supply Chain Coordination.

Ding Fang, Jie Liu


What is Business Process Management: A Two Stage Literature Review of an Emerging Field.

Charles Møller, Carsten J. Maack, Rune D. Tan


Grid-VirtuE: A Layered Architecture for Grid Virtual Enterprises.

Alfredo Cuzzocrea, Alessandro D'Atri, Andrea Gualtieri, Amihai Motro, Domenico Saccà


Value Network Positioning of Expected Winners: Analysis of the Top Software Business Start-ups.

Juhani Warsta, Veikko Seppänen


A Review on the Relationship Between New Variables and Classical TAM Structure.

Yuanquan Li, Jiayin Qi, Huaying Shu


A Study on Self-adaptive Heterogeneous Data Integration Systems.

Yan Cao, Yan Chen, Buyuan Jiang


Design and Implementation of Enterprise Spatial Data Warehouse.

Yin Liang, Hong Zhang


The Uncertainty Decision-Making of ERP Investment.

Feng Wu, Huaizu Li, Lap Keung Chu, Kun Gao


Service-Oriented Process-Driven Enterprise Cooperative Work with the Combined Rule Strategies.

WenAn Tan, Yun Yang, Zhenhong Lv, Zhonglong Zheng


Global Logistics Intelligent Decision System of Medical Equipment Manufacturing.

Sk Ahad Ali, Hamid Seifoddini, Jay Lee


Gentelligent® Parts: A Decentralized Information System for Enterprises.

Matthias Schmidt, Felix S. Wriggers, Frank Fisser, Peter Nyhuis


Virtual Enterprise in Closed-Loop Supply Chain and Performance Evaluation Based on Exergoeconomics.

Guojun Ji


A Study on the Relationship Between ERP Logic and Direct Consume Coefficient of I/O Table.

Lingling Zhang, Jun Li 0015, Qin Wang, Rencheng Tong, Yuejin Zhang, Xingsen Li


On Bill of Knowledge Resources during ERP Implementation.

Jiagui Zhong, Hui Li, Yanhui Chen, Yang Wu


Dynamic Ontology for Supply Chain Information Integration.

Wei Yang, Fan Yang


An Enterprise Content Management Solution Based on Open Source.

Rogério Atem de Carvalho


A Quality Control Model for Extended Enterprises and Its Implementation.

Yongtao Qin, Liping Zhao 0002, Yiyong Yao, Damin Xu


Secure Enterprise Information Systems: A Mutual Authentication Scheme for Roaming Users Using Memorable Information.

Lin Yang, Xinghua Ruan, Jingdong Xu, Gongyi Wu


The Research and Application of Web Services in Enterprise Application Integration.

Yan Cao, Yan Chen, Yiting Shen


Integration of Product Design Process and Task Management for Product Data Management Systems.

Rui Lu, Wuliang Peng, Chengen Wang


An Industrial Knowledge Reuse Oriented Enterprise Modeling Framework for Enterprise Management Information Systems.

Shiliang Wu


Service Level Driven Stock Allocation: A Model Based Enterprise Information System.

Felix S. Wriggers, Matthias Schmidt, Rouven Nickel, Peter Nyhuis


The Human Side of ERP Implementations: Can Change Management Really Make a Difference?

Susan Foster, Paul Hawking, Cindy Zhu


Research on Implementing ERP in a Northeastern Enterprise Based on Information Orientation Theory.

Lei Ye, Yuqiang Feng


Business Interoperability on E-Marketplace.

Jingzhi Guo


The Relationship Between Supply Chain Management and ERP in E-Business.

Dawei Liu


Model Analysis of Data Integration of Enterprises and E-Commerce Based on ODS.

Zhigang Li, Yan Huang, Shifeng Wan


An Empirical Research of Successful ERP Implementation Based on TAM.

Dong Cheng, Dehong Yang, Jidong Han, Yuanfang Song


Design and Implementation of Ontology-Based Query Expansion for Information Retrieval.

Fang Wu, Guoshi Wu, Xiangling Fu


Enterprise Java Applications and SAP R/3 System Integration Using JCO.

Jitao Yang, Hongqi Su, Yuanfeng Wu, Junwei Liu


Organizational Coordination Theory and Its Application in Virtual Enterprise.

Xiuquan Deng, Tong Chen, Dongdi Pan


A Mechanism of Timely Knowledge Push on Demand Based on ECA and Multi-Agent Techniques.

Jianlin Wu, Shuangshuang Lou, Yan Xiong, Bai Wang


E-Government for Construction: The Case of Singapore's CORENET Project.

Bee-Hua Goh


Generalized Association Rule Mining Algorithms Based on Multidimensional Data.

Hong Zhang, Bo Zhang


Enterprise Integration Modeling for Extended Enterprise in ERP Systems.

Luciana Rocha dos Santos, Simone Vasconçelos Silva, Renato de Campos


Research on Process-Oriented Enterprise Knowledge Modeling and Integration Management Based on Ontology.

Ziyu Liu, Lei Huang


GeoOlap: An Integrated Approach for Decision Support.

Rodrigo Soares Manhães, Sahudy Montenegro González, Giovanni Colonese, Rogério Atem de Carvalho, Asterio Kiyoshi Tanaka


An Information System Integration Method Based on Controllable Genetic Algorithm.

Geying Liang, Zongjian Tang


A Study on Workflow Resource Management Based on Workflow Net and Agent.

Xiang Chen, Xinglin Li


Analysis of the Interaction Design for Mobile TV Applications Based on Multicriteria.

Ana Lisse Carvalho, Marília Mendes, Plácido Rogério Pinheiro, Elizabeth Furtado


Function Point Metrics Improvement and Application in E-Commerce.

Siping He


How to Resolve Conflict in Strategic Alliance: A Cognitive-Map-Based Approach.

Tao Zhang, Yanping Liu


Optimizing Supply Chains through Service-Oriented Architecture.

Xin Liu, Zhijun Zhang, Tingjie Lu, Wei Fan


A Research on the Authorization Model Based on Organizational Management in E-Gov.

Jiangnan Qiu, Jiang Tian, Yanzhang Wang


A Case Study of Enterprise Application Integration Based on Workflow Management System.

Baosen Yang, Lu Liu


An SVR-Based Data Farming Technique for Web Application.

Jian Lin, Minjing Peng


Enterprise Business Intelligence Data Preparation Using RDF Data Sources.

Wajee Teswanich, Suphamit Chittayasothorn


Modeling Enterprise Intelligence Component Based on Multi-Agents.

Rui Fan, Lingxi Peng


Constructing the Knowledge Model in ERP Implementation.

Jiangao Deng, Yijie Bian


Research on the Costing and Data Mining Based on ABC in Logistics Firms.

Dong Mu, Lingyun Zhou, Shoubo Xu


Systematization of Requirements Definition for Software Development Processes with a Business Modeling Architecture.

Delmir de Azevedo Junior, Renato de Campos


A Research on the Project of Digital Comprehensive Capability Platform for Shipbuilding.

Nan Ren, Jianyi Liu, Xiang Su, Ping Wang, Juan Yin


A Study of Intelligent Information Processing in Human Resource Management in China.

Li Zhang, Lunqu Yuan


A Framework for Secure Message Transmission Using SMS-Based VPN.

MohammadReza Gholami, Seyyed Mohsen Hashemi, Mohammad Teshnehlab


A Review of Technology and Products Supporting E-Learning System.

Yanping Liu, Ying Wang


Supply Chain System Integration in Retailing: A Case Study of LianHua.

Guoling Lao, Lei Xing


Design and Implementation of 3D Resources Management System for SMMEs Based on Ajax and Web3D.

Ming Zu, Tiemeng Li, Xiaowei Liu, Wenjun Hou


A Semantic Web Service-Oriented Architecture for Enterprises.

Jing Ni, Xinli Zhao, Lijun Zhu


On Localization of Enterprise Information Systems.

Goutam Kumar Saha


Extending Enterprise Services Descriptive Metadata with Semantic Aspect Based on RDF.

Lei Zhang, Yani Yan, Jianlin Wu


Research on Information Integration Oriented Supply Chain of Telecom Value-added Service.

Guoli Wang, Shoulian Tang


A Research on the Mechanism and Platform Construction of Public Geological Achievements Sharing.

Jianping Ge, Bing Zhong, Yalin Lei


The Impacts of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems on Firm Performance: An Empirical Analysis of Chinese Chemical Firms.

Lu Liu, Rui Miao, Chengzhi Li


On Demand Integration of Dynamic Supply Chain Application Based on Semantic Service Oriented Architecture.

Juanqiong Gou, Xi Yang, Wei Dai


A Research on the Architecture of ERP for Small & Medium-Sized Enterprise Based on Agent and SOA.

Ruixue Fu, Zhanhong Xin, Jianzhang Wu


Constructing the Business Process of an Application System Based on Windows Workflow Foundation.

Miao Cui, Jia Chen, Yu Jiang


Linking Organizational Culture and Hospital Information Systems Implementation.

Shan Wang, Norman P. Archer, Yanli Per


A Study on the Integration Model of EIS Based on SOA.

Xu Yang, Zhanhong Xin


A Research on Data Modeling of Enterprises Based on Control System.

Shilun Ge, Nan Ren, Hong Miao


Research and Analysis of Ajax Technology Effect on Information System Operating Efficiency.

Xiao Zhang, Yi Zhang, Jun Wu


Collective Intelligence in Knowledge Management.

Wenyan Yuan, Yu Chen, Rong Wang, Zhongchao Du


An Extended Logistics Model with the Theory of Constraints: Applying TOC in Telecom Industry.

Shenghan Zhou, Fajie Wei


The Impact of Transportation Disruptions on Performance of E-Collaboration Supply Chain.

Tianjian Yang, Jun Wu


Analysis of Open Source Software in Enterprise Informatization.

Chunli Bi, Li Zhao, Jinsong Liu, Huaying Shu


Quality Assurance in the ERP5 Development Process.

Rogério Atem de Carvalho, Renato de Campos, Rafael Manhaes Monnerat


Applications of ICT Services for E-Government.

Jiantong Cao, Zhike Che


Research on High-Tech Virtual Enterprise Integrated Information Management Methods and Systems.

Changyuan Gao, Zidan Shan


A Strategic Framework for Enterprise Information Integration of ERP and E-Commerce.

Zaojie Kong, Dan Wang, Jianjun Zhang


An Integrated Modeling Method Supporting Product Development Process Optimization.

Min Li, Xiansheng Qin, Yabin Xu


A Model of Lean Supplier Management Based on the Lean Production.

Yixun Guo, Zhiduan Xu


Implementation Evaluation Modeling of Selecting ERP Software Based on Fuzzy Theory.

Xukan Xu, Yadong Jiang, Zheng Shi


Critical Success Factors for ERP System Implementation.

Jun Wu


Research and Application of Enterprise Knowledge Management System Based on Ontology.

Tiedong Chen, Ziyu Liu, Lei Huang


SOA Oriented Web Services Operational Mechanism.

Meiyun Zuo, Bei Wu


A Study on Tacit Knowledge Sharing in ERP Enterprises.

Binli Sun


Research on Customer Profile Integration of Telecom Enterprises Based on Ontology.

Jianlin Wu, Yan Xiong, Shuangshuang Lou, Bai Wang


A Research on the Integration Between ERP System and ABCM.

Ying He


An Integrated Information Platform for Intelligent Transportation Systems Based on Ontology.

Jun Zhai, Zhou Zhou, Zhiman Shi, Lixin Shen


A Research on Synergic and Spiral-Propulsion Mechanism of Enterprise Information Systems Growth.

Xinhua Bi, Cuiling Yu