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E-Government, ICT Professionalism and Competences Service Science 2008: Milano, Italy

E-Government, ICT Professionalism and Competences Service Science - IFIP 20th World Computer Congress, Industry-Oriented Conferences, September 7-10, 2008, Milano, Italy

Antonino Mazzeo, Roberto Bellini, Gianmario Motta

Springer, IFIP 280, ISBN: 978-0-387-09711-4


E-Government For Small Local Government Organizations.

Walter Castelnovo


Why is True eGovernment still difficult to be achieved?

Mariagrazia Fugini, Piercarlo Maggiolini, Krysnaia Nanini, Roberto Boselli, Mirko Cesarini, Mario Mezzanzanica


A normative approach to democracy in the electronic government framework.

Andrea Maggipinto, Ezio Visconti


Knowledge Representation and Management for E-Government Documents.

Flora Amato, Antonino Mazzeo, Antonio Penta, Antonio Picariello


The Accounting System of Central State Administrations.

Francesco Cancellaro


The Italian Public Administration Electronic Market: Scenario, Operation, Trends.

Danilo Broggil


The Emergence of Software Engineering Professionalism.

Stephen B. Seidman


IT Professional role today and tomorrow.

Colin Thompson


European Universities and the ICT Industry.

Vasile Baltac


How to move forward and implement e-skills on a long term basis - E-skills are a strategic tool to develop innovation and meet challenges deriving from globalisation.

Franco Patini


IT and Professionalism in Developing Countries - Focus on Africa.

Moira de Roche


A Model for Rating and Certifying Competences in the EUCIP Framework.

Andrea Violetti, Susanna Daddi, Stefano Hajek


The need for a standard qualification of ICT-professional competences - The reasons that urged CEPIS to create the EUCIP model are even more pressing today than they were in 2000.

Paolo Schgör


EUCIP Driving the IT-Professional Competence in Norway.

Renny Bakke Amundsen


The EUCIP Scheme in the Italian University System.

Marco Ferretti


IT skill requirements in Public Administration - A model of IS Function for Public Administrations in order to identify professional requirements and training needs. The experience of the Department for National General Accounting of the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Pietro Paolo Trimarchi


International Professional Practice Partnership (IP3) - Overview.

Charles Hughes


IP3 - National Societies' Roles and Responsibilities.

Roger G. Johnson


The Emerging ISO International Standard for Certification of Software Engineering Professionals.

Juan Garbajosa


European Standardisation Process - Outline of presentation concerning the CEN/ISSS workshop on e-skills.

Noel Geoffrey McMullen, John O'Sullivan


Compliance Requirements for Business-process driven SOAs.

Michael P. Papazoglou


Business Process Design: Towards Service- Based Green Information Systems.

Barbara Pernici, Danilo Ardagna, Cinzia Cappiello


SIFET-CBA Project.

Mario A. Bochicchio, Antonella Longo, Federica Longo, Antonio Bernardo


Reengineering Lead to Cash - Process and Organization.

Giorgio Rimini, Paolo Roberti


Business Process Monitoring: BT Italy case study.

Giorgio Rimini, Paolo Roberti


Dealing with Availability in an international Service Management scenario.

Flavio Gaj, Giovanni Umberto Germani


Service level and Value to Customer as key business drivers: a case studying a leader truck industry.

Maximiliano Cascini, Manuela Maini, Thiago Barroero


Explaining the Evolving Web - Mixing Technology with Pleasure.

Robert I. Benjamin, Rolf T. Wigand, Johanna L. H. Birkland


Value-Aware Service Model Driven Architecture and Methodology.

Xiaofei Xu, Zhongjie Wang


Strategic Modelling of Enterprise Information Requirements - A normative model of information domains and information types.

Gianmario Motta, Giovanni Pignatelli


ICT Portfolio: Mapping Business and ICT Services.

Giovanni Pignatelli, Gianmario Motta, Giovanni Umberto Germani