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MOBIS 2005: Leeds, UK

Mobile Information Systems II - IFIP International Working Conference on Mobile Information Systems, MOBIS 2005, Leeds, UK, December 6-7, 2005

John Krogstie, Karlheinz Kautz, David Allen

Springer, IFIP 191, ISBN: 978-0-387-29551-0


Take Risks into Consideration while Job Dispatching.

Shi-Cho Cha, Hung-Wen Tung, Chih-Hao Hsu, Han-Chao Lee, Tse-Ming Tsai, Raymund J. Lin


Support of Smart Work Processes in Context Rich Environments.

Carl-Fredrik Sørensen, Alf Inge Wang, Reidar Conradi


The Difference is in Messaging - Specifications, Properties and Gratifications Affecting the Japanese Wireless Service Evolution.

Lars Andreas Knutsen, Kalle Lyytinen


Understanding the User Within the Innovation Spiral.

Reginald Coutts, Pamela Coutts, Kate Alport


The European Mobile Data Service Dilemma - An empirical analysis on the barriers of implementing mobile data services.

Martin Steinert, Stephanie Teufel


On the Development of an Open Platform for M-Government Services.

Helena Rodrigues, César Ariza, Jason Pascoe


A Methodology for Designing and Managing Context-Aware Workflows.

Stefano Modafferi, Boualem Benatallah, Fabio Casati, Barbara Pernici


An Extensible Technique for Content Adaptation in Web-Based Information Systems.

Roberto De Virgilio, Riccardo Torlone


Distributed Context Monitoring for Continuous Mobile Services.

Claudio Bettini, Dario Maggiorini, Daniele Riboni


Mobile-Web Services VIA Programmable Proxies.

Raffaella Grieco, Delfina Malandrino, Francesca Mazzoni, Vittorio Scarano


Creating and Performing Scenarios - For Mobile Services Supporting Mobile Work in Exposed Physical Environments.

Bente Skattør


Hotdesking - A Potential Link in the eWorker's Information Chain.

Crystal Fulton


Development of Location-Aware Applications - The Nidaros framework.

Alf Inge Wang, Carl-Fredrik Sørensen, Steinar Brede, Hege Servold, Sigurd Gimre


Decoupling Design Concerns in Location-Aware Services.

Andres Fortier, Gustavo Rossi, Silvia E. Gordillo


Deployment and Use of Mobile Information Systems - A case study of police work.

Alistair Norman, David K. Allen


The Knowledge and the System - A socio technical view for supporting London Black Cab Work.

Silvia Elaluf-Calderwood, Carsten Sørensen


Architecture for Multi-Channel Enterprise Resource Planning System.

Karl Kurbel, Anna Maria Jankowska, Andrzej Dabkowski


Towards Mobile Information Systems.

Juhani Iivari


A Multi-Actor, Multi-Criteria Approach for Technology Selection When Designing Mobile Information Systems.

Jan Ondrus, Tung X. Bui, Yves Pigneur


Mobile Systems Development - Challenges, Implications and Issues.

Jens Henrik Hosbond


A System for Mobile and Wireless Advertising - Personalized information as incentive for receiving advertisement on mobile terminals.

Michael Decker, Rebecca Bulander, Gunther Schiefer, Bernhard Kölmel


Privacy Challenges for Location Aware Technologies.

Carl Adams, Vasilios Katos


Seeking Answers to the Advanced Mobile Services Paradox - Minimal Acceptance and Use Despite Accessibility.

Jennifer Blechar, Ioanna D. Constantiou, Jan Damsgaard