IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

15. Integrated Network Management 2017: Lisbon, Portugal

IFIP/IEEE IM 2017 Workshop: 2nd International Workshop on Analytics for Network and Service Management (AnNet 2017), IM 2017, Lisbon, Portugal, May 08, 2017

Luciano Paschoal Gaspary, Edmundo Madeira, Prosper Chemouil, Marinos Charalambides, Paulo Simões, Carlos Raniery Paula dos Santos, Stefano Secci, Edmundo Monteiro

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-901882-89-0


Short Paper Session 1

On Extracting User-centric Knowledge for Personalised Quality of Service in 5G Networks

Juan Sanchez-Gonzalez, Oriol Sallent, Jordi Pérez-Romero, Ramon Agusti


Comprehensive Vulnerability Assessment and Optimization Method for Smart Grid Transmission Systems

Chenchen Ji, Yu Peng, Wenjing Li, Puyuan Zhao, Xuesong Qiu


Assembling VoLTE CDRs based on Network Monitoring - Challenges with Fragmented Information

Pal Varga, Daniel Kozma, Tamas Tothfalusi


SDN and Modeling

Generating Synthetic Internet- and IP-Topologies using the Stochastic-Block-Model

Patrick Michael Kalmbach, Andreas Blenk, Markus Kluegel, Wolfgang Kellerer


Virtual Instance Resource Usage Modeling: a Method For Efficient Resource Provisioning in Cloud

SeyedAli Jokar Jandaghi, Kaveh Mahdaviani, Cristiana Amza


Tag-And-Forward: A Source-Routing Enabled Data Plane for OpenFlow Fat-Tree Networks

Airton Ishimori, Eduardo Coelho Cerqueira, Antônio Jorge Gomes Abelém


Learning in SDN-Based Multi-Tenant Cellular Networks: A Game-Theoretic Perspective

Omer Narmanlioglu, Engin Zeydan



Knowledge Discovery of Port Scans from Darknet

Sofiane Lagraa, Jérôme François


Investigation of Malicious Portable Executable File Detection on the Network using Supervised Learning Techniques

Rushabh Vyas, Xiao Luo, Nichole McFarland, Connie Justice


Exploring a Service-Based Normal Behaviour Profiling System for Botnet Detection

Weikeng Chen, Xiao Luo, Nur Zincir-Heywood


Short Paper Session 2

Monitoring the Network Monitoring System: Anomaly Detection using Pattern Recognition

Maha Mdini, Alberto Blanc, Gwendal Simon, Jérôme Barotin, Julien Lecoeuvre


Quantifying Cloud Workload Burstiness: New Measures and Models

Abiola Adegboyega


A Clustering-based Analysis of DPI-labeled Video Flow Characteristics in Cellular Networks

Johan Garcia


Application Switch using DPN for Improving TCP Based Data Center Applications

Shinnosuke Nirasawa, Masaki Hara, Akihiro Nakao, Masato Oguchi, Shu Yamamoto, Saneyasu Yamaguchi


Event and Log Analytics

The Application of Neural Networks to Predicting the Root Cause of Service Failures

Robert Harper, Philip Tee


Discovering Cloud Operation History through Log Analysis

Mitsunari Kobayashi, Yosuke Himura, Yoshiko Yasuda


Random Access in Nondelimited Variable-length Record Collections for Parallel Reading with Hadoop

Jason Anderson, Chris Gropp, Linh Ngo, Amy Apon