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15. Integrated Network Management 2017: Lisbon, Portugal

IFIP/IEEE IM 2017 Workshop: 2nd International Workshop on Management of 5G Networks (5G Man 2017), IM 2017, Lisbon, Portugal, May 12, 2017

Luciano Paschoal Gaspary, Edmundo Madeira, Prosper Chemouil, Marinos Charalambides, Paulo Simões, Carlos Raniery Paula dos Santos, Stefano Secci, Edmundo Monteiro

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-901882-89-0


Technical Session 1

Q-Learning for Policy Based SON Management in Wireless Access Networks

Tony Daher, Sana Ben Jemaa, Laurent Decreusefond


Towards Location Management in SDN-based MCN

Maja Sulovic, Clarissa Cassales Marquezan, Artur Hecker


Efficient RRH Assignments for Mobile Network Operators in Shared Cellular Network Architecture

Omer Narmanlioglu, Engin Zeydan


Technical Session 2 (Short Papers)

Meeting the Observability Challenges for VNFs in 5G systems

Wolfgang John, Farnaz Moradi, Bertrand Pechenot, Pontus Sköldström


Cache peering in multi-tenant 5G networks

Konstantinos Katsaros, Vasilis Glykantzis, George Petropoulos


A framework to facilitate management of services in cloud based 5G environments

Nikos Koutsouris, Apostolos Voulkidis, Kostas Tsagkaris


On Non-parametric Models for Detecting Outages in the Mobile Network

Eric Falk, Ramiro Camino, Radu State, Vijay Gurbani


Technical Session 3

Capacity Self-Planning in Small Cell Multi-Tenant 5G Networks

Pablo Muñoz, Oriol Sallent, Jordi Pérez-Romero


Demystifying Network Slicing: From Theory to Practice

Thomas Soenen, Ratul Banerjee, Wouter Tavernier, Didier Colle, Mario Pickavet


Cost-efficient Method for Managing Network Slices in a Multi-service 5G Core Network

Takuya Shimojo, Malla Sama, Ashiq Khan, Shigeru Iwashina