IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

16. Integrated Network Management 2019: Washington DC, USA

16th IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management - Demo Papers, IM 2019, Washington DC, USA, April 09, 2019

Joe Betser, Carol Fung, Nick Cohen, Barbara Martini

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-903176-15-7


Demo Session 1

SLA-controlled Proxy Service Through Customisable MANO Supporting Operator Policies

Thomas Soenen, Felipe Vicens, José Bonnet, Marios Touloupou, Evgenia Kapassa, Eleni Fotopoulou, Manuel Peuster, Wouter Tavernier


Network Slices Life Cycle Management: Towards Automation.

Amina Boubendir, Fabrice Guillemin, Sylvaine Kerboeuf, Barbara Orlandi, Frédéric Faucheux, Jean-Luc Lafragette, Marie-Line Alberi Morel, Mohamad Yassin


Experimental Demonstration of 5G Virtual EPC Recovery in Federated Testbeds

Koteswararao Kondepu, Francesco Giannone, Serdar Vural, Björn Riemer, Piero Castoldi, Luca Valcarenghi


Demo Session 2

Connection Integration System for ICT Infrastructure Management

Hiroki Nakayama, Tsunemasa Hayashi


A Tool Suite for the Automated Synthesis of Security Function Chains

Nicolas Schnepf, Remi Badonnel, Abdelkader Lahmadi, Stephan Merz


A network protocol for distributed orchestration using intent-based forwarding

Jordan Augé, Marcel Enguehard


Demo Session 3

Cloud-Based System for Fake Tweet Identification

Saranya Krishnan, Min Chen


Demonstration of an Observability Framework for Cloud Native Microservices

Nicolas Marie-Magdelaine, Toufik Ahmed, Gauthier Astruc-Amato


ViDupe-Duplicate Video Detection as a Service in Cloud

Gousiya Farheen Shaik, Min Chen


Demo Session 4

Demonstration of Synchronization Attacks on Distributed and Cooperative Control in Microgrids

Mingxiao Ma, Abdelkader Lahmadi, Isabelle Chrisment


Demo Abstract: A Tool to Detect and Visualize Malicious DNS Queries for Enterprise Networks

Jawad Ahmed, Hassan Habibi Gharakheili, Qasim Raza, Craig Russell, Vijay Sivaraman


Highlighting the Gap Between Expected and Actual Behavior in P4-enabled Networks

Nicholas Gray, Alexej Grigorjew, Tobias Hoßfeld, Thomas Zinner, Apoorv Shukla


Demo Session 5

AMIS: Programmable Privacy-Preserving Network Measurement for Analysis and Troubleshooting

Xiaoban Wu, Chen Xu, Yan Luo, Cody Bumgardner, Michael McGarry, Gabriel Ghinita


Automated Distribution of Access Control Rules in Defense Layers of an Enterprise Network

Adam Pavlidis, Marinos Dimolianis, Dimitris Kalogeras, Vasilis Maglaris


Demo: DroidNet - An Android Permission Control Recommendation System Based on Crowdsourcing

Pulkit Rustgi, Carol Jun Fung


An Identity Provider as a Service platform for the research and education community

Michael Schmidt, Jule Ziegler


Demo Session 6

IT Operations Analytics: Root Cause Analysis via Complex Event Processing

Martin Drasar, Tomas Jirsik


DNS Firewall Data Visualization

Stanislav Spacek, Vít Rusňák, Anna-Marie Dombajová


Demonstration: Predicting Distributions of Service Metrics

Forough Shahab Samani, Rolf Stadler, Andreas Johnsson, Christofer Flinta


port2dist: Semantic Port Distances for Network Analytics

Laurent Evrard, Jérôme François, Jean-Noel Colin, Frederic Beck