IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

17. Integrated Network Management 2021: Bordeaux, France

IFIP/IEEE IM 2021 Workshop: 1st International Workshop on Fully-Flexible Internet Architectures and Protocols for the Next-Generation Internet (FlexNGIA 2021), IM 2021, Bordeaux, France, May 21, 2021

Marie-Jose Montpetit, Latif Ladid, Rui L. Aguiar, Nadjib AitSaadi, Noura Limam, Lisandro Zambenedetti Granville

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-903176-32-4


Technical Session

SRFog: A flexible architecture for Virtual Reality content delivery through Fog Computing and Segment Routing

José Santos, Jeroen van der Hooft, Maria Torres Vega, Tim Wauters, Bruno Volckaert, Filip De Turck


Multimedia Microservice Placement in Hierarchical Multi-tier Cloud-to-Fog Networks

Fillipe Santos, Roger Immich, Edmundo Madeira


Infinity: A Scalable Infrastructure for In-Network Application

Marcelo Abranches, Karl Olson, Eric Keller


Cyber-Physiotherapy Rehabilitation to Training

Ishan Ranasinghe, Ram Dantu, Sam Watts, Ruben Ocana