IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

17. Integrated Network Management 2021: Bordeaux, France

IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on Integrated Network Management - Mini Conference, IM 2021, Bordeaux, France, May 18-20, 2021

Toufik Ahmed, Olivier Festor, Yacine Ghamri-Doudane, Joon-Myung Kang, Alberto E. Schaeffer-Filho

IFIP Open Digital Library, ISBN: 978-3-903176-32-4



C2QoS: CPU-Cycle based Network QoS Strategy in vSwitch of Public Cloud

Ye Yang, Haiyang Jiang, Yulei Wu, Yilong Lv, Xing Li, Gaogang Xie


Fault Detection of ICT systems with Deep Learning Model for Missing Data

Kengo Tajiri, Tomoharu Iwata, Yoichi Matsuo, Keishiro Watanabe


The Horizontal INR Conflict-Detection Algorithm: Revealing INR Reallocation and Reauthorization in RPKI

Hui Zou, Di Ma, Qing Shao, Wei Mao


A Distributed Congestion Control Routing Protocol Based on Traffic Classification in LEO Satellite Networks

Shiyue Dai, LanLan Rui, Shiyou Chen, Xuesong Qiu


Streaming Pattern Based Feature Extraction for Training Neural Network Classifier to Predict Quality of VOD services

Suman Pandey, Mi-Jung Choi, Jae-Hyoung Yoo, James W. Hong


PFT: A Congestion Avoidance Method based on Proactive Flow Throttling at Endpoints

Xingyun Qi


Sextant: Enabling Automated Network-aware Application Optimization in Carrier Networks

Jingxuan Zhang, Luis Miguel Contreras Murillo, Kai Gao, Francisco Jose Cano Hila, Patricia Cano, Anais Escribano, Y. Richard Yang



Scalable TCP Throughput Limitation Monitoring

Simon Bauer, Florian Wiedner, Benedikt Jaeger, Paul Emmerich, Georg Carle


Impact of Heterogeneous Neutrality Rules with Competitive Content Providers

Patrick Maillé, Bruno Tuffin, Khushboo Agarwal


Resource Provisioning in Fog Computing through Deep Reinforcement Learning

Jose Santos, Tim Wauters, Bruno Volckaert, Filip De Turck


Container-based Service State Management in Cloud Computing

Sandip Chakraborty, Shubha Brata Nath, Soumya K. Ghosh, Sourav Kanti Addya


Optimal configuration determination in Cognitive Autonomous Networks

Anubhab Banerjee, Stephen Ssekiranda Mwanje, Georg Carle


Software-based Analysis of the Security by Design in Embedded Devices

Pierre-Marie Junges, Jérôme François, Olivier Festor



Network Service Embedding for Cross-Service Communication

Angelos Pentelas, Panagiotis Papadimitriou


Signaling Traffic in Internet-of-Things Mobile Networks

Stefan Geissler, Florian Wamser, Wolfgang Bauer, Michael Krolikowski, Steffen Gebert, Tobias Hoßfeld


Joint resource management and action scheduling for carrier-grade NFV

Lukasz Rajewski, Andrzej Beben, Ajay Anil Mahimkar


Adversarial Exploitation of P4 Data Planes

Conor Black, Sandra Scott-Hayward


ITrade: A Blockchain-based, Self-Sovereign, and Scalable Marketplace for IoT Data Streams

Sina Rafati Niya, Danijel Dordevic, Burkhard Stiller


Contextual Bandit for Cognitive Management of Self-Organizing Networks

Tony Daher, Sana Ben Jemaa


Transaction Characteristics of Bitcoin

Befekadu Gebraselase, Bjarne Emil Helvik, Yuming Jiang



Reinforcement Learning for value-based Placement of Fog Services

Filippo Poltronieri, Mauro Tortonesi, Cesare Stefanelli, Niranjan Suri


Optimized Contextual Data Offloading in Mobile Edge Computing

Ibrahim Alghamdi, CHRISTOS ANAGNOSTOPOULOS, Dimitrios Pezaros


Self-sovereign Identity Management in Wireless Ad Hoc Mesh Networks

Michael Grabatin, Wolfgang Hommel


Application Layer Packet Classifier in Hardware

Racyus Pacífico, Lucas F. S. Duarte, Matheus Salgueiro Castanho, Luiz Filipe Menezes Vieira, José Augusto Miranda Nacif, Marcos Augusto Menezes Vieira


Survivability in Lambda Grids by means of Ant Colony Optimization

Gustavo Sousa Pavani, Andre Ricardo Frederico


Relational Consensus-Based Cooperative Task Allocation Management for IIoT-Health Networks

Carlos Alberto Pedroso, Yan Uehara de Moraes, Michele Nogueira, Aldri Luiz dos Santos