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8. ICEC 2010: Seoul, Korea

Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2010, 9th International Conference, ICEC 2010, Seoul, Korea, September 8-11, 2010. Proceedings

Hyun Seung Yang, Rainer Malaka, Junichi Hoshino, Jung-Hyun Han

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6243, ISBN: 978-3-642-15398-3


Long Papers

New Interfaces and Entertainment Robots

Baby Robot "YOTARO".

Hiroki Kunimura, Chiyoko Ono, Madoka Hirai, Masatada Muramoto, Wagner Tetsuya Matsuzaki, Toshiaki Uchiyama, Kazuhito Shiratori, Junichi Hoshino


A Card Playing Humanoid for Understanding Socio-emotional Interaction.

Min-Gyu Kim, Kenji Suzuki


DreamThrower: Creating, Throwing and Catching Dreams for Collaborative Dream Sharing.

Noreen Kamal, Ling Tsou, Abir Al Hajri, Sidney Fels


Everyone Can Do Magic: An Interactive Game with Speech and Gesture Recognition.

Chris Wang, Zhiduo Liu, Sidney Fels


User Interfaces

Onomatopen: Painting Using Onomatopoeia.

Keisuke Kambara, Koji Tsukada


Helping Hands: Designing Video Games with Interpersonal Touch Interaction.

Cody Watts, Ehud Sharlin, Peter Woytiuk


Investigating the Affective Quality of Motion in User Interfaces to Improve User Experience.

Doyun Park, Ji-Hyun Lee


Serious Games and Collaborative Interaction

The MINWii Project: Renarcissization of Patients Suffering from Alzheimer's Disease Through Video Game-Based Music Therapy.

Samuel Benveniste, Pierre Jouvelot, Renaud Péquignot


Virtual Team Performance Depends on Distributed Leadership.

Nico M. van Dijk, Joost Broekens


Nonverbal Behavior Observation: Collaborative Gaming Method for Prediction of Conflicts during Long-Term Missions.

Natalia Voynarovskaya, Roman Gorbunov, Emilia I. Barakova, René M. C. Ahn, Matthias Rauterberg


Engaging Autistic Children in Imitation and Turn-Taking Games with Multiagent System of Interactive Lighting Blocks.

Jeroen C. J. Brok, Emilia I. Barakova


Tools and Networks

Multiple Page Recognition and Tracking for Augmented Books.

Kyusung Cho, Jaesang Yoo, Jinki Jung, Hyun Seung Yang


Online Scene Modeling for Interactive AR Applications.

Jaesang Yoo, Kyusung Cho, Jinki Jung, Hyun Seung Yang


Unnecessary Image Pair Detection for a Large Scale Reconstruction.

Jaekwang Lee, Chang-Joon Park


Online Gaming Traffic Generator for Reproducing Gamer Behavior.

Kwangsik Shin, Jinhyuk Kim, Kangmin Sohn, Changjoon Park, Sangbang Choi


Game Theory and User Studies

Click or Strike: Realistic versus Standard Game Controls in Violent Video Games and Their Effects on Aggression.

André Melzer, Ingmar Derks, Jens Heydekorn, Georges Steffgen


Logos, Pathos, and Entertainment.

Ryohei Nakatsu


The Video Cube Puzzle: On Investigating Temporal Coordination.

Eric Yim, William Joseph Gaudet, Sidney Fels


Emotions: The Voice of the Unconscious.

Matthias Rauterberg


Short Papers

Game Theory, User Studies and Story Telling

Analyzing the Parameters of Prey-Predator Models for Simulation Games.

Seongdong Kim, Christoph Hoffmann, Varun Ramachandran


Analyzing Computer Game Narratives.

Clark Verbrugge, Peng Zhang


Cultural Computing - How Can Technology Contribute the Spiritual Aspect of Our Communication?

Naoko Tosa


Interaction and User Experience

System and Context - On a Discernable Source of Emergent Game Play and the Process-Oriented Method.

Barbara Grüter, Miriam Oks, Andreas Lochwitz


Re-envisioning the Museum Experience: Combining New Technology with Social-Networking.

Madhuri Koushik, Eun Jung Lee, Laura Pieroni, Emily Sun, Chun-Wei Yeh


Interactive Environments: A Multi-disciplinary Approach towards Developing Real-Time Performative Spaces.

Nimish Biloria


Explorations in Player Motivations: Virtual Agents.

Barbaros Bostan


Serious Games

Integration of CityGML and Collada for High-Quality Geographic Data Visualization on the PC and Xbox 360.

Marc Herrlich, Henrik Holle, Rainer Malaka


Virtual Blowgun System for Breathing Movement Exercise.

Peichao Yu, Kazuhito Shiratori, Jun'ichi Hoshino


Development of a Virtual Electric Wheelchair - Simulation and Assessment of Physical Fidelity Using the Unreal Engine 3.

Marc Herrlich, Ronald Meyer, Rainer Malaka, Helmut Heck


Event-Based Data Collection Engine for Serious Games.

Amith Tudur Raghavendra


Culturally Sensitive Computer Support for Creative Co-authorship of a Sex Education Game.

Júnia Coutinho Anacleto, Johana María Rosas Villena, Marcos Alexandre Rose Silva, Sidney Fels


Tools and Methods

Real-Time Caustics in Dynamic Scenes with Multiple Directional Lights.

Budianto Tandianus, Henry Johan, Hock Soon Seah


An Extraction Method of Lip Movement Images from Successive Image Frames in the Speech Activity Extraction Process.

Eung-Kyeu Kim, Soo-Jong Lee, Nohpill Park


Rule-Based Camerawork Controller for Automatic Comic Generation from Game Log.

Ruck Thawonmas, Ko Oda, Tomonori Shuda


A Framework for Constructing Entertainment Contents Using Flash and Wearable Sensors.

Tsutomu Terada, Kohei Tanaka


Research on Eclipse Based Media Art Authoring Tool for the Media Artist.

Songlin Piao, Jae-Ho Kwak, Whoi-Yul Kim


BAAP: A Behavioral Animation Authoring Platform for Emotion Driven 3D Virtual Characters.

Ling Li, Gengdai Liu, Mingmin Zhang, Zhigeng Pan, Edwin Song


Choshi Design System from 2D Images.

Natsuki Takayama, Shubing Meng, Hiroki Takahashi


Player's Model: Criteria for a Gameplay Profile Measure.

Emmanuel Guardiola, Stéphane Natkin


Robots and New Interfaces

A Laban-Based Approach to Emotional Motion Rendering for Human-Robot Interaction.

Megumi Masuda, Shohei Kato, Hidenori Itoh


A Biofeedback Game with Physical Actions.

Nagisa Munekata, Teruhisa Nakamura, Rei Tanaka, Yusuke Domon, Fumihiko Nakamura, Hitoshi Matsubara


Dial-Based Game Interface with Multi-modal Feedback.

Wanjoo Park, Laehyun Kim, Hyunchul Cho, Se Hyung Park


Tangible Interactive Art Using Marker Tracking in Front Projection Environment: The Face Cube.

Chan-young Bang, Jin Lee, Hye-won Jung, Ok-young Choi, Jong-Il Park


Entertaining Education: User Friendly Cutting Interface for Digital Textbooks.

Gahee Kim, Hyun-Roc Yang, Kyung-Kyu Kang, Dongho Kim



Affective Interacting Art.

Youngmi Kim, Jongsoo Choi


Flexible Harmonic Temporal Structure for Modeling Musical Instrument.

Jun Wu, Yu Kitano, Takuya Nishimoto, Nobutaka Ono, Shigeki Sagayama


Towards a Service-Oriented Architecture for Interactive Ubiquitous Entertainment Systems.

Giovanni Cagalaban, Seoksoo Kim


Narrative Entertainment System with Tabletop Interface.

Takashi Mori, Katsutoki Hamana, Chencheng Feng, Jun'ichi Hoshino


Automated Composing System for Sub-melody Using HMM: A Support System for Composing Music.

Ryosuke Yamanishi, Keisuke Akita, Shohei Kato


A Study on the Development of Mobile Based SNS-UCC Writing Tool.

Hae Sun No, Dae Woong Rhee


Project Sonology: An Experimental Project Exploring the Possibilities of Sound and Audio as the Primary Element of Interactive Entertainment.

Shih-Han Chan, Dae Hong Kim, Eugene Massey, Katelyn Mueller, Fadzuli Said


Multipresence-Enabled Mobile Spatial Audio Interfaces.

Owen Noel Newton Fernando, Michael Cohen, Adrian David Cheok


Fluxion: An Innovative Fluid Dynamics Game on Multi-touch Handheld Device.

Chun-Ta Chen, Jy-Huey Lin, Wen-Chun Lin, Fei Wang, Bing-Huan Wu


Robotic Event Extension Experience.

David Obdrzálek


A Sound Engine for Virtual Cities.

Shih-Han Chan, Cécile Le Prado, Stéphane Natkin, Guillaume Tiger


NetPot: Easy Meal Enjoyment for Distant Diners.

Zoltan Foley-Fisher, Vincent Tsao, Johnty Wang, Sidney Fels


Glasses-Free 3D Display System Using Grating Film for Viewing Angle Control.

Masahide Kuwata, Kunio Sakamoto


Omni-Directional Display System for Group Activity on Life Review Therapy.

Tomoyuki Honda, Kunio Sakamoto


Light-Weight Monocular 3D Display Unit Using Polypyrrole Linear Actuator.

Yuuki Kodama, Kunio Sakamoto


Easy Robot Programming for Beginners and Kids Using Command and Instruction Marker Card.

Masahiro Nishiguchi, Kunio Sakamoto


Automatic Mobile Robot Control and Indication Method Using Augmented Reality Technology.

Koji Ohmori, Kunio Sakamoto


Eye Contact Communication System between Mobile Robots Using Invisible Code Display.

Takeru Furukawa, Kunio Sakamoto


The 'Interactive' of Interactive Storytelling: Customizing the Gaming Experience.

Barbaros Bostan, Tim Marsh


Remote Context Monitoring of Actions and Behaviors in a Location through the Usage of 3D Visualization in Real-Time.

John Conomikes, Zachary Pacheco, Salvador Barrera, Juan Antonio Cantu, Lucy Beatriz Gomez, Christian de los Reyes, Juan Manuel Mendez Villarreal, Takao Shime, Yuki Kamiya, Hideki Kawai


Wave Touch: Educational Game on Interactive Tabletop with Water Simulation.

Joong-Ho Lee, Won Moon, Ki-Won Yeom, Dongwook Yoon, Dong-young Kim, JungHyun Han, Ji-Hyung Park


Healthy Super Mario: Tap Your Stomach and Shout for Active Healthcare.

Jaewook Jung, Shin Kang, Hanbit Park, Minsoo Hahn


Interactive Manipulation Model of Group of Individual Bodies for VR Cooking System.

Atsushi Morii, Daisuke Yamamoto, Kenji Funahashi


Smile Like Hollywood Star: Face Components as Game Input.

Jaewook Jung, Hanbit Park, Shin Kang, Minsoo Hahn


Study on an Information Processing Model with Psychological Memory for a Kansei Robot.

Yuta Kita, Masataka Tokumaru, Noriaki Muranaka


Vegetation Interaction Game: Digital SUGOROKU of Vegetation Succession for Children.

Akiko Deguchi, Shigenori Inagaki, Fusako Kusunoki, Etsuji Yamaguchi, Yoshiaki Takeda, Masanori Sugimoto


Penmanship Learning Support System: Feature Extraction for Online Handwritten Characters.

Tatsuya Yamaguchi, Noriaki Muranaka, Masataka Tokumaru


Development of Wall Amusements Utilizing Gesture Input.

Takahisa Iwamoto, Atsushi Karino, Masayuki Hida, Atsushi Nishizaki, Tomoyuki Takami


Study on an Emotion Generation Model for a Robot Using a Chaotic Neural Network.

Hiroyuki Sumitomo, Masataka Tokumaru, Noriaki Muranaka


Interactive Tabu Search vs. Interactive Genetic Algorithm.

Tatsuya Hirokata, Masataka Tokumaru, Noriaki Muranaka


Instant First-Person Posture Estimation.

Takafumi Serizawa, Yasuyuki Yanagida


Monitoring User's Brain Activity for a Virtual Coach.

Bram van de Laar, Anton Nijholt, Job Zwiers


Developing Educational and Entertaining Virtual Humans Using Elckerlyc.

Dennis Reidsma, Herwin van Welbergen, Ronald C. Paul, Bram van de Laar, Anton Nijholt