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12. MMNS 2009: Venice, Italy

Wired-Wireless Multimedia Networks and Services Management, 12th IFIP/IEEE International Conference on Management of Multimedia and Mobile Networks and Services, MMNS 2009, Venice, Italy, October 26-27, 2009. Proceedings

Tom Pfeifer, Paolo Bellavista

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 5842, ISBN: 978-3-642-04993-4


Multimedia Networks and Systems Management

Design of an Online Charging System to Support IMS-Based Inter-domain Composite Services.

Minh van Le, George B. Huitema, Frens Jan Rumph, Lambert J. M. Nieuwenhuis, Bert-Jan van Beijnum


Telecom Network and Service Management: An Operator Survey.

Stefan Wallin, Viktor Leijon


On-Demand Multicast Streaming Using Collaborative Prefix Caching.

John Paul O'Neill, Jonathan Dukes


Multimedia Quality

Quality Adaptive Peer-to-Peer Streaming Using Scalable Video Coding.

Osama Abboud, Konstantin Pussep, Aleksandra Kovacevic, Ralf Steinmetz


Modeling of a QoS Matching and Optimization Function for Multimedia Services in the NGN.

Lea Skorin-Kapov, Maja Matijasevic


iBE: A Novel Bandwidth Estimation Algorithm for Multimedia Services over IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks.

Zhenhui Yuan, Hrishikesh Venkataraman, Gabriel-Miro Muntean


A Cost Function for QoS-Aware Routing in Multi-tier Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks.

Stéphane Lohier, Abderrezak Rachedi, Yacine Ghamri-Doudane


VoIP and Vocal Applications

QoE Assessment of VoIP in Next Generation Networks.

David Rodrigues, Eduardo Cerqueira, Edmundo Monteiro


NIDA: A Parametric Vocal Quality Assessment Algorithm over Transient Connections.

Sofiene Jelassi, Habib Youssef, Lingfen Sun, Guy Pujolle


Voice2Web: Architecture for Managing Voice-Application Access to Web Resources.

Jan Rudinsky, Tomas Mikula, Lukas Kencl, Jakub Dolezal, Xavier Garcia


Peer-to-Peer Multimedia Networks

A Robust Algorithm for the Membership Management of Super-Peer Overlay.

Meirong Liu, Jiehan Zhou, Timo Koskela, Mika Ylianttila


An Evaluation Criterion for Adaptive Neighbor Selection in Heterogeneous Peer-to-Peer Networks.

Marco Picone, Michele Amoretti, Francesco Zanichelli


Improving Performance of ALM Systems with Bayesian Estimation of Peers Dynamics.

Ihsan Ullah, Grégory Bonnet, Guillaume Doyen, Dominique Gaïti


Short Papers

Quality of Service for Multicasting in Content Addressable Networks.

Marc Brogle, Luca Bettosini, Torsten Braun


An Architecture for IMS Services Using Open Source Infrastructure.

Robert Mullins, Shane Dempsey, Tom Pfeifer


Data Aggregation Scheme for a Multi-Application WSN.

Ahmad Sardouk, Rana Rahim-Amoud, Leïla Merghem-Boulahia, Dominique Gaïti


Context-Aware IPTV.

Songbo Song, Hassnaa Moustafa, Hossam Afifi


COOCHING: Cooperative Prefetching Strategy for P2P Video-on-Demand System.

Ubaid Abbasi, Toufik Ahmed