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9. WCCE 2009: Bento Gonçalves, Brazil

Education and Technology for a Better World, 9th IFIP TC 3 World Conference on Computers in Education, WCCE 2009, Bento Gonçalves, Brazil, July 27-31, 2009. Proceedings

Arthur Tatnall, Anthony Jones

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 302, ISBN: 978-3-642-03114-4


Invited Papers from Brazil

Scientific and Technological Education in Brazil: Advancements and Challenges for the 21st Century.

Claudio André, Norma Teresinha Oliveira Reis, Demerval Guillarducci Bruzzi


NASA Education and Educational Technologies Exemplified by the Space Weather Action Center Program.

Norma Teresinha Oliveira Reis, Claudio André, Troy D. Cline, Timothy E. Eastman, Margaret J. Maher, Louis A. Mayo, Elaine M. Lewis


Evaluation of Distance Course Effectiveness - Exploring the Quality of Interactive Processes.

Francisco Villa Ulhôa Botelho, Rosa Maria Vicari


Innovation and Creativity in Schools

The Impact of the Multi-sensory Program Alfabeto on the Development of Literacy Skills of Third Stage Pre-school Children.

Betina von Staa, Loureni Reis, Matilde Conceição Lescano Scandola


Personalized e-Learning Environments: Considering Students' Contexts.

Victoria Eyharabide, Isabela Gasparini, Silvia N. Schiaffino, Marcelo Soares Pimenta, Analía Amandi


Software Junctus: Joining Sign Language and Alphabetical Writing.

Carla Beatris Valentini, Cláudia A. Bisol, Cristiane Dalla Santa


Innovative Teaching/Learning with Geotechnologies in Secondary Education.

Eric Sanchez


A New Virtual and Remote Experimental Environment for Teaching and Learning Science.

Zdena Lustigova, Frantisek Lustig


Investment in Information and Communication Technologies in the Irish Education Sector.

Claire McInerney, Mike Hinchey, Eamonn McQuade


Pyramids in Logo: A School Project in 'Search' of the Fourth Dimension.

Jesús Jiménez-Molotla, Alessio Gutiérrez-Gómez, Ana Isabel Sacristán


Towards Transformation: Always On Students and Health Education.

Andrew E. Fluck, Mary Burston


Virtual Cities as a Collaborative Educational Environment.

Daniel Nehme Müller, Otto Lopes Braitback de Oliveira, Joelma Adriana Abrão Remião, Paloma Dias Silveira, Márcio André Rodrigues Martins, Margarete Axt


ICT Action School Development at Helen Parkhurst Dalton School, Part II.

Pieter Hogenbirk, Peter van de Braak


E-Maturity and School Development: When the Tail Wants to Wag the Dog.

Peter Micheuz


Toward a Learning/Instruction Process Model for Facilitating the Instructional Design Cycle.

Yusuke Hayashi, Seiji Isotani, Jacqueline Bourdeau, Riichiro Mizoguchi


The Making of an Online Masters Program in the North American Context.

Ana-Paula Correia, Connie Hargrave, Patricia Leigh, Clyciane Michelini, Dale S. Niederhauser, Denise Schmidt, Ann Thompson



CV-Muzar Using a Multiagent System for Group Formation.

Ana Carolina Bertoletti De Marchi, Márcia Cristina Moraes, Cristiane Durigon Testa


The Development of Educational Games Supported by a Pedagogical Tutor Agent.

Franciele da Silva Lewandowski, Adriana Soares Pereira


Applying Informatics Knowledge to Create 3D Worlds.

Michael Weigend


Digital Solidarity

Ensuring Success and Quality through the Use of Standards in Team Projects: Students' Perceptions.

Elsje Scott, Robert Brown, Jeffrey Pearce, Peter Weimann


Implementing and Sustaining Educational Change and ICT: A Case Study of a Taiwanese Primary School.

Yih-Shyuan Chen, Ian Selwood


The Mexican National Programs on Teaching Mathematics and Science with Technology: The Legacy of a Decade of Experiences of Transformation of School Practices and Interactions.

Ana Isabel Sacristán, Teresa Rojano


Trust and Conflicts in Distance Learning Higher Education Courses Tutor Teams.

Aline Pereira Soares, Marina Keiko Nakayama, Ricardo Azambuja Silveira, Andressa Sasaki Vasques Pacheco, Patrícia de Sá Freire, Kelly Benetti


Learners and Life Long Learning

Bridging the Digital Divide, Aiming to Become Lifelong Learners.

Annelise Kachelhoffer, Myint Swe Khine


Evolution of Information Systems Curriculum in an Australian University over the Last Twenty-Five Years.

Arthur Tatnall, Stephen Burgess


Secondary School Students' English Writing Aided by Spelling and Grammar Checkers.

Odette Radi


Learning Design for Creating a Lifelong Learning Organization.

Ulla Widmark, Eeva Koroma


Open Virtual Worlds as Pedagogical Research Tools: Learning from the Schome Park Programme.

Peter Twining, Anna Peachey


Technology Mentoring: Research Results across Seven Campuses.

Rachel A. Boulay, Catherine P. Fulford


So I Sat Down with My Mother: Connectedness Orientation and Pupils' Independence.

Anders Eklöf, Lars-Erik Nilsson, Peter Svensson


Preparing Graduate Students for Industry and Life Long Learning: A Project Based Approach.

J. Barrie Thompson, Helen M. Edwards


Advanced Networks in Dental Rich Online MEDiA (ANDROMEDA).

Bruce Elson, Patricia Reynolds, Ardavan Amini, Ezra Burke, Craig Chapman


A Competency-Based Learning Resource Retrieval Process: The LUISA-UHP Case-Study.

Monique Grandbastien


Networking and Collaboration

Is There a Role for Social Networking Sites in Education?.

Ieda M. Santos, Michael Hammond, Zenilde Durli, Shiao-Yuh Chou


Collective Text Editor: A New Interface Focused on Interaction Design.

Patricia Alejandra Behar, Alexandra Lorandi Macedo, Jaire Ederson Passos, Paula Caroline Schifino Jardim Passos


An Open-Source Learning Content Management and Assessment System.

Gerd Kortemeyer, Émerson Cruz


Supporting Collaborative Learning Activities with a Digital Library and Annotations.

Tiago Rios da Rocha, Roberto Willrich, Renato Fileto, Saïd Tazi


Using Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT) to Frame 'SuperclubsPLUS', an Online Social Network for Children.

Jennifer Masters


Using Text-Mining to Support the Evaluation of Texts Produced Collaboratively.

Alexandra Lorandi Macedo, Eliseo Berni Reategui, Alexandre Lorenzatti, Patricia Alejandra Behar


PLME as a Cognitive Tool for Knowledge Achievement and Informal Learning.

Tobias Nelkner, Johannes Magenheim, Wolfgang Reinhardt


Growing a Peer Review Culture among Graduate Students.

Vinícius Medina Kern, Osmar Possamai, Paulo Mauricio Selig, Roberto Carlos dos Santos Pacheco, Gilberto Corrêa de Souza, Sandro Rautenberg, Renata Tavares da Silva Lemos


Teaching and the Role of Teachers

Computers in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language: Access to the Diversity of Textual Genres and Language Skills.

Roberto-Márcio dos Santos, Jerônimo Coura Sobrinho


A Study on Pedagogical Requirements for Multi-platform Learning Objects.

Patricia Alejandra Behar, Liliana Maria Passerino, Ana Paula Frozi de Castro e Souza, Cristiani de Oliveira Dias, Ketia Kellen Araújo da Silva


Podcasts in Higher Education: Students' and Lecturers' Perspectives.

Ana A. Carvalho, Cristina Aguiar, Henrique Santos, Lia Oliveira, Aldina Marques, Romana Maciel


Design Patterns for the Use of Technology in Introductory Mathematics Tutorials.

Christine Bescherer, Christian Spannagel


Learning by Peers: An Alternative Learning Model for Digital Inclusion of Elderly People.

Márcia Barros de Sales, Ricardo Azambuja Silveira, André Barros de Sales, Rita de Cássia Guarezi


Teachers' Perceptions about the Barriers and Catalysts for Effective Practices with ICT in Primary Schools.

Eva Dakich


Transformative Personal Development: Helping Teachers to Thrive on Discontinuous Change.

Maureen Haldane