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5. ICEC 2006: Cambridge, UK

Entertainment Computing - ICEC 2006, 5th International Conference, Cambridge, UK, September 20-22, 2006, Proceedings

Richard H. R. Harper, Matthias Rauterberg, Marco Combetto

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4161, ISBN: 3-540-45259-1



Towards Bi-directional Dancing Interaction.

Dennis Reidsma, Herwin van Welbergen, Ronald Poppe, Pieter Bos, Anton Nijholt


An Emotional Path Finding Mechanism for Augmented Reality Applications.

José A. Mocholí, José M. Esteve, Javier Jaén Martínez, Raquel Acosta, Pierre Louis Xech


Interacting with a Virtual Conductor.

Pieter Bos, Dennis Reidsma, Zsófia Ruttkay, Anton Nijholt


Animal Controlled Computer Games: Playing Pac-Man Against Real Crickets.

Wim van Eck, Maarten H. Lamers


Cultural and Psychological Metrics

Leaving a Message with the PaPeRo Robot: The Effect of Interaction Experience with Real or Virtual PaPeRo on Impression Evaluation.

Takanori Komatsu, Tomoki Iwaoka, Misako Nambu


Passive Interactivity, an Answer to Interactive Emotion.

Nelson Zagalo, Ana Torres, Vasco Branco


Entertainment on Mobile Internet Services: From the Korean Consumer Perspectives.

Seongil Lee, Joo Eun Cho


Experimental Approach for Human Perception Based Image Quality Assessment.

Jin-Seo Kim, Maeng-Sub Cho, Bon-Ki Koo


Transforming Broadcast Experience

Interaction and Participation in Radio Plays: A Novel Approach to an Old Medium.

André Melzer, Michael Herczeg, Oliver Jeskulke


Real-Time Monitoring System for TV Commercials Using Video Features.

Sung Hwan Lee, Won Young Yoo, Young-Suk Yoon


Interactive Dramaturgy by Generating Acousmêtre in a Virtual Environment.

Wendy Ann Mansilla


Culture, Place, Play

Exposure to Violent Video Games and Desensitization to Violence in Children and Adolescents.

Jeanne B. Funk


Kansei Mediated Entertainment.

Ben Salem, Matthias Rauterberg, Ryohei Nakatsu


Backseat Playgrounds: Pervasive Storytelling in Vast Location Based Games.

John Bichard, Liselott Brunnberg, Marco Combetto, Anton Gustafsson, Oskar Juhlin


Display Technology

Layered Multiple Displays for Immersive and Interactive Digital Contents.

Gun A. Lee, Ungyeon Yang, Wookho Son


Design and Implementation of a Fast Integral Image Rendering Method.

Bin-Na-Ra Lee, Yongjoo Cho, Kyoung Shin Park, Sung-Wook Min, Joa Sang Lim, Min Cheol Whang, Kang Ryoung Park


A Neural Classifier for Anomaly Detection in Magnetic Motion Capture.

Iain Miller, Stephen McGlinchey


Multichannel Distribution for Universal Multimedia Access in Home Media Gateways.

Frederik De Keukelaere, Davy Van Deursen, Rik Van de Walle


Authoring Tools 1

Language-Driven Development of Videogames: The e-Game Experience.

Pablo Moreno-Ger, Iván Martínez-Ortiz, José Luis Sierra, Baltasar Fernández-Manjón


Architecture of an Authoring System to Support the Creation of Interactive Contents.

Kojzi Miyazaki, Yurika Nagai, Anne-Gwenn Bosser, Ryohei Nakatsu


Applying Direct Manipulation Interfaces to Customizing Player Character Behaviour.

Marco Gillies


Programmable Vertex Processing Unit for Mobile Game Development.

Tae-Young Kim, Kyoung-Su Oh, Byeong-Seok Shin, Cheol-Su Lim


Object Tracking

Vision-Based Real-Time Camera Matchmoving with a Known Marker.

Bum-Jong Lee, Jong Seung Park, Mee Young Sung


OHAJIKI Interface: Flicking Gesture Recognition with a High-Speed Camera.

Toshiki Sato, Kentaro Fukuchi, Hideki Koike


The Smart Dice Cup: A Radio Controlled Sentient Interaction Device.

Carsten Magerkurth, Timo Engelke, Carsten Röcker



Learning About Cultural Heritage by Playing Geogames.

Peter Kiefer, Sebastian Matyas, Christoph Schlieder


Dynamic Binding Is the Name of the Game.

Marco Antonio Gómez-Martín, Pedro Pablo Gómez-Martín, Pedro A. González-Calero


Lessons Learned from Designing a Virtual Heritage Entertainment Application for Interactive Education.

Kyoung Shin Park, Yongjoo Cho, Soyon Park


Network Games

A Dynamic Load Balancing for Massive Multiplayer Online Game Server.

Jungyoul Lim, Jaeyong Chung, Jinryong Kim, Kwanghyun Shim


My Photos Are My Bullets - Using Camera as the Primary Means of Player-to-Player Interaction in a Mobile Multiplayer Game.

Riku Suomela, Ari Koivisto


Enjoyment or Engagement? Role of Social Interaction in Playing Massively Mulitplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGS).

Vivian Hsueh-hua Chen, Henry Been-Lirn Duh, Priscilla Siew Koon Phuah, Diana Zi Yan Lam


Authoring Tools 2

On-Line Motion Style Transfer.

Xiaomao Wu, Lizhuang Ma, Can Zheng, Yanyun Chen, Ke-Sen Huang


Dynamic Skinning for Popping Dance.

HongJung Son, JungHyun Han


Discovery of Online Game User Relationship Based on Co-occurrence of Words.

Ruck Thawonmas, Yuki Konno, Kohei Tsuda



Mobile Phone Gaming (A Follow-Up Survey of the Mobile Phone Gaming Sector and Its Users).

Tobias Fritsch, Hartmut Ritter, Jochen H. Schiller


Designing a Story Database for Use in Automatic Story Generation.

Katri Oinonen, Mariët Theune, Anton Nijholt, Jasper R. R. Uijlings


An Efficient Algorithm for Rendering Large Bodies of Water.

Ho-Min Lee, Christian Anthony L. Go, Won-Hyung Lee


Forbidden City Explorer: A Guide System That Gives Priority to Shared Images and Chats.

Jun Munemori, Thai Minh Tri, Junko Itou


Reinforcement Learning of Intelligent Characters in Fighting Action Games.

Byeong Heon Cho, Sung Hoon Jung, Kwang-Hyun Shim, Yeong Rak Seong, Ha Ryoung Oh


Capturing Entertainment Through Heart Rate Dynamics in the Playware Playground.

Georgios N. Yannakakis, John Hallam, Henrik Hautop Lund


Design Implications of Social Interaction in Online Games.

Kuan-Ta Chen, Chin-Laung Lei


TEMPEST: A Text Input System for Musical Performers.

Yoshinari Takegawa, Tsutomu Terada, Shojiro Nishio


Design Strategies for Enhancing Experience-Based Activities.

Lena Pareto, Ulrika Lundh Snis


Imitating the Behavior of Human Players in Action Games.

Atsushi Nakano, Akihito Tanaka, Junichi Hoshino


Electronic Treasure Hunt: Real-Time Cooperation Type Game That Uses Location Information.

Jun Munemori, Shunsuke Miyai, Junko Itou


Design of Positive Biofeedback Using a Robot's Behaviors as Motion Media.

Nagisa Munekata, Naofumi Yoshida, Shigeru Sakurazawa, Yasuo Tsukahara, Hitoshi Matsubara


Social Landscapes: Visual Interface to Improve Awareness in Human Relationships on Social Networking Sites.

Yuya Nomata, Junichi Hoshino


Bare Hand Interface for Interaction in the Video See-Through HMD Based Wearable AR Environment.

Taejin Ha, Woontack Woo


Studying User Experience with Digital Audio Players.

Sascha Mahlke


The Development of a Collaborative Virtual Heritage Edutainment System with Tangible Interfaces.

Hyung-Sang Cho, Binara Lee, Sora Lee, Youngjae Kim, Yongjoo Cho, Seung-Mook Kang, Soyon Park, Kyoung Shin Park, Minsoo Hahn


Clustering of Online Game Users Based on Their Trails Using Self-organizing Map.

Ruck Thawonmas, Masayoshi Kurashige, Keita Iizuka, Mehmed M. Kantardzic


Communication Supports for Building World Wide Internet Game Communities.

Jonghun Park, Seung-Kyun Han, Mi Kyoung Won, Young-Chae Na


Hardcore Gamers and Casual Gamers Playing Online Together.

Anne-Gwenn Bosser, Ryohei Nakatsu


High-Precision Hand Interface.

Yongwan Kim, Yongseok Jang, Wookho Son, Kyeonghwan Kim


Real-Time Animation of Large Crowds.

Ingu Kang, JungHyun Han


Vision-Based Bare-Hand Gesture Interface for Interactive Augmented Reality Applications.

Jong-Hyun Yoon, Jong Seung Park, Mee Young Sung


PHI: Physics Application Programming Interface.

Bing Tang, Zhigeng Pan, ZuoYan Lin, Le Zheng


A Vision-Based Non-contact Interactive Advertisement with a Display Wall.

Tetsuo Fukasawa, Kentaro Fukuchi, Hideki Koike


"SplashGame": A Ludo-educative Application Based on Genre and Verbal Interactions Concepts.

Marion Latapy, Philippe Lopistéguy, Pantxika Dagorret


Shadow Texture Atlas.

Kyoungsu Oh, Tae-gyu Ryu


A Chording Glove for Games: Development of a Wearable Game Device.

Seongil Lee, Jong Gon Kim, Byung Geun Kim


VIRSTORY: A Collaborative Virtual Storytelling.

Atman Kendira, Laurence Perron