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Human-Centered Software Engineering

2012: Toulouse, France

Human-Centered Software Engineering - 4th International Conference, HCSE 2012, Toulouse, France, October 29-31, 2012. Proceedings, Marco Winckler, Peter Forbrig, Regina Bernhaupt, 2012: Toulouse, France

2010: Reykjavik, Iceland

Human-Centred Software Engineering - Third International Conference, HCSE 2010, Reykjavik, Iceland, October 14-15, 2010. Proceedings, Regina Bernhaupt, Peter Forbrig, Jan Gulliksen, Marta Lárusdóttir, 2010: Reykjavik, Iceland

2008: Pisa, Italy

Engineering Interactive Systems, Second Conference on Human-Centered Software Engineering, HCSE 2008, and 7th International Workshop on Task Models and Diagrams, TAMODIA 2008, Pisa, Italy, September 25-26, 2008. Proceedings, Peter Forbrig, Fabio Paternò, 2008: Pisa, Italy