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6. I3E 2006: Turku, Finland

Project E-Society: Building Bricks, 6TH IFIP International Conference on e-Commerce, e-Business, and e-Government (I3E 2006), October 11-13, 2006, Turku, Finland

Reima Suomi, Regis Cabral, J. Felix Hampe, Arto Heikkilä, Jonna Järveläinen, Eija Koskivaara

Springer, IFIP 226, ISBN: 978-0-387-39226-4


Trust and Security

Identity and Access Management for Remote Maintenance Services in Business Networks.

Kari Luostarinen, Anton Naumenko, Mirja Pulkkinen


Elderly People and Emerging Threats of the Internet and New Media.

Janne Lahtiranta, Kai Kimppa


Biometric access control for athletic events.

Christos K. Dimitriadis, Despina Polemi


Enterprise application integration

An Analysis of Plug and Play Business Software.

Andreas Jacobsson, Paul Davidsson


Application of Electronic Currency on the Online Payment System like PayPal.

Rafael Martínez-Peláez, Francisco Rico-Novella


Architecture of an ERP System Supporting Project-Oriented Management.

Willy Picard, Grzegorz Wojciechowsk


Inter-organizational systems

Inter-organizational information systems in cooperative inter-organizational relationships: Study of the factors influencing to success.

Marko Mäkipää


The Management of Financial Supply Chains: From Adversarial to Co-operative Strategies.

Ian D. Blackman, Christopher P. Holland


Initiating e-Participation Through a Knowledge Working Network.

Louise Rasmussen, Elisabeth Davenport, Keith S. Horton


e-Marketplaces, e-Hubs, and portals

Understanding the B2B E-Market in China.

Jing Zhao, Frank Duserick, Wilfred V. Huang


Personalization Beyond Recommender Systems.

Petra Schubert, Uwe Leimstoll, Daniel Risch


Multidisciplinary models and guidelines for eProcurement projects: the eReadiness phase.

Carlo Batini, Federico Cabitza, G. Cammarota, D. Ciriaci, M. Corsi, Andrea Maurino, R. Russo, S. Scipioni, Michele Telaro


Future work environments for eBusiness

The Adoption of RFID-based Self-Check-Out-Systems at the Point-of-Sale.

Christian Tellkamp, Thomas Wiechert, Frédéric Thiesse, Elgar Fleisch


Application of Text Mining into Auto Answering System and Improvement of Mining Performance.

Koudai Aman, Fukuya Ishino


Who should take care of the personalization?

Jarogniew Rykowski


e-Democracy and e-Governance

Methodology for IT Governance Assessment and Design.

Sérgio Clementi, Tereza Cristina M. B. Carvalho


The E-Government: A Jigsaw View.

Adeel Ghayur


User behaviour modelling

TAM Derived Construct of Perceived Customer Value and Online Purchase Behavior: An Empirical Exploration.

Kok-Wai Chew, P. M. Shingi, Mohd. Ismail Ahmad


P2P Users: Important dimensions for changing to legal online music stores.

Américo Nobre G. F. Amorim, Jairo S. Dornelas


Users' Benefit and Provider's Revenue of Content Delivery Services with Priority Control.

Kyoko Yamori, Yoshiaki Tanaka


Innovative business models

Business Model Scenarios for Remote Management.

Olivier Braet, Pieter Ballon


Electronic Activity Interchange EAI - a new way of B2B cooperation.

Jarogniew Rykowski


Modelling Value-based Inter-Organizational Controls in Healthcare Regulations.

Vera Kartseva, Joris Hulstijn, Jaap Gordijn, Yao-Hua Tan


e-Collaboration and e-Services

Extending Traditional Wiki Systems with Geographical Content.

Piotr Gawrysiak


Integrated Search Based on Image Contents.

Ramon Mas Sansó, Xiseo Tous Llull, Joan Oliver Mesquida, Felip Salas


Public e-Services for citizens and enterprises and legal societal issues

An Empirical Study on Business-to- Government Data Exchange Strategies to Reduce the Administrative Costs for Businesses.

Rex Arendsen, Tom M. van Engers, Robbin te Velde


Internet Services for the underprivileged.

Harri Oinas-Kukkonen, Kaarina Hakala


e-Business models

Combining Critical Success Factors and Life Cycle Model to Enable Evaluation of e-business models.

Aleksi Horsti


A Secure e-Ordering Web Service.

Despina Polemi, Spyridon Papastergiou


"Liquid" Electronic Marketplaces.

Ioannis Chamodrakas, George Kontolemakis, Panagiotis Kanellis, Drakoulis Martakos


International dimension of e-Government

Rethinking e-Government Research: The 'ideology-artefact complex'.

Elisabeth Davenport, Keith S. Horton


Looking into the future: scenarios for e-government in 2020.

Melanie Bicking, Marijn Janssen, Maria Wimmer


Analyzing Strategic Gaps of Digital Divide Projects Based on the Balanced Scorecard.

Chien-Chih Yu, Hsing-I Wang


Development of the GEA within the G-to-G system of the Iranian e-government: Views, experiences, and visions.

Behrouz Zarei, Hosseinn Sharifi


Industrial and administration track

Some critical factors in Local e-Government: the case of Lombardy.

Walter Castelnovo, Massimo Simonetta, Antonio Lasi