IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

IIP 2004: Beijing, China

Intelligent Information Processing II, IFIP TC12/WG12.3 International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing (IIP 2004), October 21-23, 2004, Beijing, China

Zhongzhi Shi, Qing He

Springer, IFIP 163, ISBN: 0-387-23151-X


Model Organization Constraints in Multi-Agent System.

XinJun Mao, Jiajia Chen


A Multi-Agent System for Mobile Environments.

Jianwen Chen, Yan Zhang


Agent Interaction Management and Application in a Virtual Collaborative Environment.

Aizhong Lin, Igor Hawryszkiewycz, Brian Henderson-Sellers


An Integrated Approach to Battlefield Situation Assessment.

Yang Fan, Chang Guocen, Duan Tao, Hua Wenjian


Negotiation Based on Personality.

Hong Zhang, Yuhui Qiu


Miam: A Robot Oriented Mobile Intelligent Agent Model.

Shandong Wu, Yimin Chen


Incorporating Elements From Camle in the Open Repository.

Cesar Gonzalez-Perez, Brian Henderson-Sellers, John K. Debenham, Graham C. Low, Quynh-Nhu Numi Tran


Representing Human Spatial Behavior by Self-Organizing Networks.

Takamitsu Mizutori, Kenji Kohiyama


Multi-Agent System Development Kit.

Vladimir I. Gorodetski, Oleg Karsaev, Vladimir Samoilov, Victor Konushy, Evgeny Mankov, Alexey Malyshev


Limitations in AUML's Roles Specification.

Jean-Luc Koning, Ivan Romero-Hernandez


The Research of Geometric Constraint Soving Based on the Path Tracking Homotopy Iteration Method.

Chunhong Cao, Lu Yinan, Wenhui Li


Fast Stereo Matching Method Using Edge Traction.

Zheng-dong Liu, Ying-nan Zhao, Jing-Yu Yang


Hybrid Color Image Segmentation Based Fully Automatic Chroma-Keying System with Cluttered Background.

Li Shijin, Zhu Yuelong, Yang Qian, Liu Zhe


Research on Techniques of Approximate Recognition of Continuous Deformation of Images with Multi-Grey-Levels.

Zhiquan Feng, Yi Li, Shou-ning Qu


Recognition of Image with Natural Textures Based on Learning of Information Augmentation.

Cheng Xian-Yi, Yuan Xiao-Hua, Li Shu-Qin, Xian De-Shen


Improvements on CCA Model with Application to Face Recognition.

Quan-Sen Sun, Mao-Long Yang, Pheng-Ann Heng, De-Sen Xia


Performance of Several Types of Median Filters in Spectral Domain.

O. Uma Maheshwari, G. B. Vanisree, David Ebenezer


Fuzzy and Rough Set.

Hong Jing, Lu Jingui, Shi Feng


Algebraic Property of Rough Implication Based on Interval Structure.

Zhan-ao Xue, Hua-cano He, Ying-cang Ma


Research on Information Requirement of First-Order Universal Implication Operators in Fuzzy Reasoning.

Fu Lihua, He Huacan


An Extended Rough Sets Approach to Analysis of CUDT.

Hua Wenjian, Liu Zuoliang


Intrusion Detection Based on Organizational Coevolutionary Fuzzy Classifiers.

Liu Fang, Chen Zhen-guo


Simple Fuzzy Logic Rules Based on Fuzzy Decision Tree for Classification and Prediction Problem.

James F. Baldwin, Dong (Walter) Xie


A Research on Knowledge Reduction of Information Systems Based on Sub-Consciousness.

Wei Huang, Cong Liu, Xiao-ping Ye


Optimal Design of Conic-Cylindrical Gear Reduction Unit Using Fuzzy Physical Programming.

Hong-Zhong Huang, Xu Zhang, Zhigang Tian, Chunsheng Liu, Ying-Kui Gu


NLOMJ-Natural Language Object Model in Java.

Jiyou Jia, Youfu Ye, Klaus Mainzer


Fingerprint Ridge Line Reconstruction.

Yaxuan Qi


Design and Implementation of Automated Data Mining Using Intelligent Agents in Object Oriented Databases.

V. Saravanan, K. Vivekanandan


A Bayesian Optimization Algorithm for UAV Path Planning.

X. Fu, X. Gao, D. Chen


Dilated Chi-Square: A Novel Interestingness Measure to Build Accurate and Compact Decision List.

Yu Lan, Guoqing Chen, Davy Janssens, Geert Wets


Post Sequential Patterns Mining.

Jing Lu, Osei Adjei, Weiru Chen, Jun Liu


Extended Constraint Handling for CP-Networks.

Yonggang Zhang, Jigui Sun


Solving CSP by Lagrangian Method with Importance of Constraints.

Takahiro Nakano, Masahiro Nagamatu


Component Retrieval Using Conversational Case-Based Reasoning.

Mingyang Gu, Agnar Aamodt, Xin Tong


Mixed Parallel Execution of Algorithms for Satisfiability Problem.

Kairong Zhang, Masahiro Nagamatu


Clustering Binary Codes to Express the Biochemical Properties of Amino Acids.

Huaiguo Fu, Engelbert Mephu Nguifo


Natural Language Interface to Mobile Devices.

Lina Zhou, Mohammedammar Shaikh, Dongsong Zhang


Research and Application in Web Usage Mining of the Incremental Mining Technique for Association Rule.

Sulan Zhang, Zhongzhi Shi


Face Recognition Technique Based on Modular ICA Approach.

Wenming Cao, Fei Lu, Yuan Yuan, Shoujue Wang


Model-Based Debugging with High-Level Observations.

Wolfgang Mayer, Markus Stumptner


Mapping Search Results into Self-Customized Category Hierarchy.

Saravadee Sae Tan, Gan Keng Hoon, Chan Huah Yong, Tang Enya Kong, Cheong Sook Lin


Rank Aggregation Model for Meta Search.

Gan Keng Hoon, Saravadee Sae Tan, Chan Huah Yong, Tang Enya Kong


On the Importance of Being Diverse: Analysing Similarity and Diversity in Web Search.

Maurice Coyle, Barry Smyth


Using Finite Domains in Constraint Satisfaction Problem.

Ilié Popescu


Research on Radar Targets Recognition by Extracting 3-D Characteristic from ISAR Images.

Feng Liu, Jiadong Xu


Uncertain Reasoning and Decision Making.

Qing Zhou, Wei Peng


Diagnosing Java Programs with Static Abstractions of Data Structures.

Rong Chen, Daniel Köb, Franz Wotawa


Intelligent Technology for Well Logging Analysis.

Zhongzhi Shi, Ping Luo, Yalei Hao, Guohe Li, Markus Stumptner, Qing He, Gerald Quirchmayr


Sedatalog: A Set Extension of Datalog.

Qing Zhou, Ligong Long


Session Identification Based on Time Interval in Web Log Mining.

Like Zhuang, Zhongbao Kou, Changshui Zhang


Efficiently Mining Frequent Itemsets with Compact FP-Tree.

Liangxi Qin, Ping Luo, Zhongzhi Shi


Towards Human Oriented WWW.

Alex Abramovich


An Intelligent Diagnosis System Handling Multiple Disorders.

Wenqi Shi, John A. Barnden, Martin Atzmüller, Joachim Baumeister


An Intelligent Knowledge-Based Recommendation System.

Xiaowei Shi


A Formal Concept Analysis Approach for Web Usage Mining.

Baoyao Zhou, Siu Cheung Hui, Kuiyu Chang


Knowledge-Based Decision Support in Oil Well Drilling.

Pål Skalle, Agnar Aamodt


A New Method to Construct the Non-Dominated Set in Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms.

Jinhua Zheng, Zhongzhi Shi, Charles X. Ling, Yong Xie


Ensembles of Multi-Instance Neural Networks.

Min-Ling Zhang, Zhi-Hua Zhou


A Wordnet-Based Approach to Feature Selection in Text Categorization.

Kai Zhang, Jian Sun 0008, Bin Wang


A New Support Vector Neural Network Inference System.

Ling Wang, Zhi-Chun Mu


An Improved Vehicle Classification Method Based on Gabor Features.

Ying-nan Zhao, Zheng-dong Liu, Jing-Yu Yang


An Incremental Algorithm About the Affinity-Rule Based Transductive Learning Machine for Semi-Supervised Problem.

Weijiang Long, Fengfeng Zhu, Wenxiu Zhang


A Short Tutorial on Reinforcement Learning.

Chengcheng Li, Larry D. Pyeatt


Hardware Design of Two Weighted Neural Network and Application for Object Recognition.

Wenming Cao, Fei Lu, Gang Xiao, Shoujue Wang


Improvement of Web Data Clustering Using Web Page Contents.

Yue Xu, Li-Tung Weng


A Prediction Approach to Well Logging.

Qing He, Ping Luo, Zhongzhi Shi, Yalei Hao, Markus Stumptner