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SET 2006: Warsaw, Poland

Software Engineering Techniques: Design for Quality, SET 2006, October 17-20, 2006, Warsaw, Poland

Krzysztof Sacha

Springer, IFIP 227, ISBN: 978-0-387-39387-2



Krzysztof Sacha


Software architectures and implementation technologies

From Hubs Via Holons to an Adaptive Meta-Architecture - the "AD-HOC" Approach.

Leszek A. Maciaszek


A C++ Workbench with Accurate Non-Blocking Garbage Collector for Server Side Internet Applications.

Piotr Kolaczkowski, Ilona Bluemke


Scenario-based Component Behavior Filtration.

Yan Zhang, Xiaofeng Yu, Tian Zhang, Xuandong Li, Guoliang Zheng


Mobile Ambients in Aspect-Oriented Software Architectures.

Nour Ali, Jennifer Pérez, Cristóbal Costa Soria, Isidro Ramos, José A. Carsí


The architecture of distributed systems driven by autonomic patterns.

Marcin Wolski, Cezary Mazurek, Pawel Spychala, Aleksander Sumowski



An optimizing OCL Compiler for Metamodeling and Model Transformation Environments.

Gergely Mezei, Tihamer Levendovszky, Hassan Charaf


Crossing the Borderline - From Formal to Semi-Formal Specifications.

Andreas Bollin


Modeling of Component-Based Self-Adapting Context-Aware Applications for Mobile Devices.

Kurt Geihs, Mohammad Ullah Khan, Roland Reichle, Arnor Solberg, Svein O. Hallsteinsen


A Performance Analysis Infrastructure for Component-Based System Hosted by Middleware.

Yong Zhang, Tao Huang, Jun Wei, Ningjiang Chen


Estimation of mean response time of multi-agent systems.

Tomasz Babczynski, Jan Magott


Integrated Approach to Modelling and Analysis using RTCP-nets.

Marcin Szpyrka, Tomasz Szmuc


Hybrid modeling and verification of Java based software.

Konrad Kulakowski


Project management

An evolutionary approach to project management process improvement for software-intensive projects.

Pawel Pierzchalka


Improved Bayesian Networks for Software Project Risk Assessment Using Dynamic Discretisation.

Norman E. Fenton, Lukasz Radlinski, Martin Neil


Software Risk Management: a Process Model and a Tool.

Tereza G. Kirner, Lourdes E. Gonçalves


Software Quality

An Approach to Software Quality Specification and Evaluation (SPoQE).

Iwona Dubielewicz, Bogumila Hnatkowska, Zbigniew Huzar, Lech Tuzinkiewicz


Feedback from Users on a Software Product to Improve Its Quality in Engineering Applications.

Barbara Begier, Jacek Wdowicki


Reaching and Maintaining High Quality of Distributed J2EE Applications - BeesyCluster Case Study.

Pawel Czarnul


Verification methods

Automatic software validation process.

Maciej Dorsz, Mariusz Wasielewski


j2eeprof - a tool for testing multitier applications.

Pawel Klaczewski, Jacek Wytrebowicz


An Analysis of Use Case Based Testing Approaches Based on a Defect Taxonomy.

Timea Illes, Barbara Paech


Minimizing Test Execution Time During Test Generation.

Tilo Mücke, Michaela Huhn


An Integrated Regression Testing Framework to Multi-Threaded Java Programs.

Bixin Li, Yancheng Wang, Lili Yang


DynAlloy as a Formal Method for the Analysis of Java Programs.

Juan P. Galeotti, Marcelo F. Frias


Verification of UML State Diagrams Using Concurrent State Machines.

Jerzy Miescicki


Aspect-oriented Response Injection: an Alternative to Classical Mutation Testing.

Bartosz Bogacki, Bartosz Walter


Advanced mutation operators applicable in C# programs.

Anna Derezinska


Data management

An Open Platform of Data Quality Monitoring for ERP Information Systems.

Pawel Sieniawski, Bogdan Trawinski


Managing Data from Heterogeneous Data Sources Using Knowledge Layer.

Krzysztof Goczyla, Teresa Zawadzka, Michal Zawadzki


Checkpoint-based resumption in data warehouses.

Marcin Gorawski, Pawel Marks


Software maintenance

A C++ Refactoring Browser and Method Extraction.

Marian Vittek, Peter Borovanský, Pierre-Etienne Moreau


ESC/Java2 as a Tool to Ensure Security in the Source Code of Java Applications.

Aleksy Schubert, Jacek Chrzaszcz


Formalizing Software Refactoring in the Distributed Environment by aedNLC Graph Grammar.

Leszek Kotulski, Adrian Nowak


Minik: A Tool for Maintaining Proper Java Code Structure.

Jacek Chrzaszcz, Tomasz Stachowicz, Andrzej Gasienica-Samek, Aleksy Schubert


Multidimensional Legacy Aspects of Modernizing Web Based Systems.

Henryk Krawczyk, Konrad Dusza, Lukasz Budnik, Lukasz Byczkowski