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HCIV (INTERACT) 2009: Uppsala, Sweden

Human Aspects of Visualization - Second IFIP WG 13.7 Workshop on Human-Computer Interaction and Visualization, HCIV (INTERACT) 2009, Uppsala, Sweden, August 24, 2009, Revised Selected Papers

Achim Ebert, Alan J. Dix, Nahum D. Gershon, Margit Pohl

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6431, ISBN: 978-3-642-19640-9


Human Aspects of Visualization.

Achim Ebert, Alan J. Dix, Nahum D. Gershon, Margit Pohl


The Broker.

Robert Spence


Comparing Different Layouts of Tag Clouds: Findings on Visual Perception.

Stephanie Deutsch, Johann Schrammel, Manfred Tscheligi


The Personal Equation of Complex Individual Cognition during Visual Interface Interaction.

Tera Marie Green, Brian Fisher


Faceted Visual Exploration of Semantic Data.

Philipp Heim, Jürgen Ziegler


Fisheye Interfaces - Research Problems and Practical Challenges.

Mikkel Rønne Jakobsen, Kasper Hornbæk


Visualization of Workaday Data Clarified by Means of Wine Fingerprints.

Andreas Kerren


Staying Focused: Highlighting-on-Demand as Situational Awareness Support for Groups in Multidisplay Environments.

Olga A. Kulyk, Tijs de Kler, Wim de Leeuw, Gerrit C. van der Veer, Betsy van Dijk


Using Gaze Data in Evaluating Interactive Visualizations.

Harri Siirtola, Kari-Jouko Räihä


Giga-Scale Multiresolution Volume Rendering on Distributed Display Clusters.

Sebastian Thelen, Jörg Meyer, Achim Ebert, Hans Hagen


Teaching Visual Design as a Holistic Enterprise.

Gerrit C. van der Veer, Corné Verbruggen