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Networking 2012: Prague, Czech Republic

NETWORKING 2012 - 11th International IFIP TC 6 Networking Conference, Prague, Czech Republic, May 21-25, 2012, Proceedings, Part I

Robert Bestak, Lukas Kencl, Li Erran Li, Joerg Widmer, Hao Yin

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 7289, ISBN: 978-3-642-30044-8


Content-Centric Networking

Efficient User-Assisted Content Distribution over Information-Centric Network.

HyunYong Lee, Akihiro Nakao


On Inter-Domain Name Resolution for Information-Centric Networks.

Konstantinos V. Katsaros, Nikos Fotiou, Xenofon Vasilakos, Christopher N. Ververidis, Christos Tsilopoulos, George Xylomenos, George C. Polyzos


Cache "Less for More" in Information-Centric Networks.

Wei Koong Chai, Diliang He, Ioannis Psaras, George Pavlou


Collaborative Forwarding and Caching in Content Centric Networks.

Shuo Guo, Haiyong Xie, Guangyu Shi


Social Networks

Crawling and Detecting Community Structure in Online Social Networks Using Local Information.

Norbert Blenn, Christian Doerr, Bas Van Kester, Piet Van Mieghem


Distributed Content Backup and Sharing Using Social Information.

Jin Jiang, Claudio Casetti


Trans-Social Networks for Distributed Processing.

Nuno Apolónia, Paulo Ferreira, Luís Veiga


Context-Sensitive Sentiment Classification of Short Colloquial Text.

Norbert Blenn, Kassandra Charalampidou, Christian Doerr


Reliability and Resilience

Resilience in Computer Network Management.

Marcelo F. Vasconcelos, Ronaldo M. Salles


An Experimental Study on the Impact of Network Segmentation to the Resilience of Physical Processes.

Béla Genge, Christos Siaterlis


On the Vulnerability of Hardware Hash Tables to Sophisticated Attacks.

Udi Ben-Porat, Anat Bremler-Barr, Hanoch Levy, Bernhard Plattner


Degree and Principal Eigenvectors in Complex Networks.

Cong Li, Huijuan Wang, Piet Van Mieghem


Virtualization and Cloud Services

Resilient Virtual Network Design for End-to-End Cloud Services.

Isil Burcu Barla, Dominic A. Schupke, Georg Carle


Dynamic Scaling of Call-Stateful SIP Services in the Cloud.

Nico Janssens, Xueli An, Koen Daenen, Claudio Forlivesi


Remedy: Network-Aware Steady State VM Management for Data Centers.

Vijay Mann, Akanksha Gupta, Partha Dutta, Anilkumar Vishnoi, Parantapa Bhattacharya, Rishabh Poddar, Aakash Iyer


Building a Flexible and Scalable Virtual Hardware Data Plane.

Junjie Liu, Yingke Xie, Gaogang Xie, Layong Luo, Fuxing Zhang, Xiaolong Wu, Qingsong Ning, Hongtao Guan


IP Routing

Permutation Routing for Increased Robustness in IP Networks.

Hung Quoc Vo, Olav Lysne, Amund Kvalbein


Routing On Demand: Toward the Energy-Aware Traffic Engineering with OSPF.

Meng Shen, Hongying Liu, Ke Xu, Ning Wang, Yifeng Zhong


Minimization of Network Power Consumption with Redundancy Elimination.

Frédéric Giroire, Joanna Moulierac, Truong Khoa Phan, Frédéric Roudaut


Sign What You Really Care about - Secure BGP AS Paths Efficiently.

Yang Xiang, Zhiliang Wang, Jianping Wu, Xingang Shi, Xia Yin


Network Measurement

Estimating Network Layer Subnet Characteristics via Statistical Sampling.

M. Engin Tozal, Kamil Saraç


Sparsity without the Complexity: Loss Localisation Using Tree Measurements.

Vijay Arya, Darryl Veitch


Efficient and Secure Decentralized Network Size Estimation.

Nathan S. Evans, Bartlomiej Polot, Christian Grothoff


A Panoramic View of 3G Data/Control-Plane Traffic: Mobile Device Perspective.

Xiuqiang He, Patrick P. C. Lee, Lujia Pan, Cheng He, John C. S. Lui


Network Mapping

Towards a Robust Framework of Network Coordinate Systems.

Linpeng Tang, Zhiyong Shen, Qunyang Lin, Junqing Xie


BSense: A Flexible and Open-Source Broadband Mapping Framework.

Giacomo Bernardi, Damon Fenacci, Mahesh K. Marina, Dimitrios P. Pezaros


Validity of Router Responses for IP Aliases Resolution.

Santiago Garcia-Jimenez, Eduardo Magaña, Mikel Izal, Daniel Morató


Semantic Exploration of DNS.

Samuel Marchal, Jérôme François, Cynthia Wagner, Thomas Engel


LISP and Multi-domain Routing

On the Dynamics of Locators in LISP.

Damien Saucez, Benoit Donnet


A Local Approach to Fast Failure Recovery of LISP Ingress Tunnel Routers.

Damien Saucez, Juhoon Kim, Luigi Iannone, Olivier Bonaventure, Clarence Filsfils


An Analytical Model for the LISP Cache Size.

Florin Coras, Albert Cabellos-Aparicio, Jordi Domingo-Pascual


Path Computation in Multi-layer Multi-domain Networks.

Mohamed Lamine Lamali, Hélia Pouyllau, Dominique Barth