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IFIP IIP 2008: Beijing, China

Intelligent Information Processing IV, 5th IFIP International Conference on Intelligent Information Processing, October 19-22, 2008, Beijing, China

Zhongzhi Shi, Eunika Mercier-Laurent, David B. Leake

Springer, IFIP Advances in Information and Communication Technology 288, ISBN: 978-0-387-87684-9


Keynote Presentations

Semantic Computing.

Phillip C.-Y. Sheu


Towards Brain-inspired Web Intelligence.

Ning Zhong


Data Mining Technologies Inspired from Visual Principle.

Zongben Xu


Semantic Web Services

A Context Model for Service Composition Based on Dynamic Description Logic.

Wenjia Niu, Zhongzhi Shi, Liang Chang


Evaluation of Ontologies and DL Reasoners.

Muhammad Fahad, Muhammad Abdul Qadir, Syed Adnan Hussain Shah


ER2OWL: Generating OWL Ontology from ER Diagram.

Muhammad Fahad


Knowledge Acquisition and Management

Voice knowledge acquisition system for the management of cultural heritage.

Stefan du Château, Danielle Boulanger, Eunika Mercier-Laurent


Granularity of Knowledge from Different Sources.

Maria Antonina Mach, Mieczyslaw L. Owoc


Fuzzy Ontology Models Based on Fuzzy Linguistic Variable for Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval.

Jun Zhai, Yiduo Liang, Jiatao Jiang, Yi Yu


Data Mining

Blog Classification: Adding Linguistic Knowledge to Improve the K-NN Algorithm.

Ines Bayoudh, Nicolas Béchet, Mathieu Roche


A Modified Clustering Method with Fuzzy Ants.

Jianbin Chen, Deying Fang, Yun Xue


An New Algorithm for Modeling Regression Curve.

JiSheng Hao, LeRong Ma, WenDong Wang


Web Search

Enhancing Web Search with Heterogeneous Semantic Knowledge.

Rui Huang, Zhongzhi Shi


Exploring Words with Semantic Correlations from Chinese Wikipedia.

Yun Li, Kaiyan Huang, Seiji Tsuchiya, Fuji Ren, Yixin Zhong


A Heuristic Knowledge Reduction Algorithm Based on Partition Subdivision and Consistent Degree.

Wen Huo, Xiaoguang Hong


Cognition-based Intelligent Information Processing

Object-based Image Retrieval with Attention Analysis and Spatial Re-ranking.

Ke Gao, Shouxun Lin, Yongdong Zhang, Sheng Tang


Forecasting Stock Exchange Movements Using Artificial Neural Network Models and Hybrid Models.

Erkam Güresen, Gülgün Kayakutlu


A Robot Emotion Generation Mechanism Based on PAD Emotion Space.

Gao Qingji, Wang Kai, Liu Haijuan


Study of Personalized Network Tutoring System Based on Emotional-cognitive Interaction.

Manfei Qi, Ding Ma, Wansen Wang


Image Processing

A Novel Fingerprint Matching Method Combining Geometric and Texture Features.

Mei Xie, Chengpu Yu, Jin Qi


Distinctive Image Region Features from Color Invariant Moments.

L. Guo, Z. Shi, J. Zhao, R. Zhang


Inter-video Similarity for Video Parsing.

Arne Jacobs, Andree Lüdtke, Otthein Herzog


Image Segmentation of Historical Handwriting from Palm Leaf Manuscripts.

Olarik Surinta, Rapeeporn Chamchong


Virtual Organization and Applications

Virtual Organizations: Trends and Models.

Mohammad Reza Nami, Abbas Malekpour


A Survey of UML Based Regression Testing.

Muhammad Fahad, Aamer Nadeem


Virtual Organizations: An Overview.

Mohammad Reza Nami


Risk Management and Computational Linguistics

A Risk Assessment System with Automatic Extraction of Event Types.

Philippe Capet, Thomas Delavallade, Takuya Nakamura, Agnes Sandor, Cedric Tarsitano, Stavroula Voyatzi


Addressing Risk Assessment for Patient Safety in Hospitals through Information Extraction in Medical Reports.

Denys Proux, Frédérique Segond, Solweig Gerbier, Marie Hélène Metzger


An SMS-based System Architecture (Logical Model) to Support Management of Information Exchange in Emergency Stuations. poLINT-112-SMS PROJECT.

Zygmunt Vetulani, Jacek Marciniak, Pawel Konieczka, Justyna Walkowska


Semi Automatic Ontology Instantiation in the domain of Risk Management.

Jawad Makki, Anne-Marie Alquier, Violaine Prince