IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

7. MMNS 2004: San Diego, CA, USA

Management of Multimedia Networks and Services: 7th IFIP/IEEE International Conference, MMNS 2004, San Diego, CA, USA, October 2004, Proceedings

John B. Vicente, David Hutchison

Springer, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 3271, ISBN: 3-540-23239-7


Multimedia over Wireless

Improving Interactive Video in Wireless Networks Using Path Diversity.

Ahmed Abd El Al, Tarek N. Saadawi, Myung J. Lee


A Bandwidth-Efficient Application Level Framing Protocol for H.264 Video Multicast over Wireless LANs.

Abdelhamid Nafaa, Yassine Hadjadj Aoul, Daniel Negru, Ahmed Mehaoua


Adaptive Video Streaming in Presence of Wireless Errors.

Guang Yang 0001, Mario Gerla, Medy Sanadidi


Adaptive Multimedia Streaming

Content-Based Adaptation of Streamed Multimedia.

Nicola Cranley, Liam Murphy, Philip Perry


Performance Assessment of the Quality-Oriented Adaptation Scheme.

Gabriel-Miro Muntean, Philip Perry, Liam Murphy


An Adaptive Batched Patch Caching Scheme for Multimedia Streaming.

ShaoHua Qin, Weihong He, Zimu Li, Jianping Hu


Novel Protocols in Wireless Systems

Dynamic Cell-based MAC Protocol for Target Detection Applications in Energy-Constrained Wireless Networks.

Sonia Waharte, Raouf Boutaba


Reliable Collaborative Decision Making in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Theodore L. Willke, Nicholas F. Maxemchuk


Scalable Multimedia Systems

Minimum-Cost Multicast Routing for Multi-Layered Multimedia Distribution.

Hsu-Chen Cheng, Frank Yeong-Sung Lin


Efficient Management of Multimedia Attachments.

Itai Dabran, Philippe Klein, Danny Raz


A New Class of Scheduling Policies for Providing Time of Service Guarantees in Video-On-Demand Servers.

Nabil J. Sarhan, Chita R. Das


MPLS: Bandwidth Provisioning and Control

Bandwidth Constrained IP Multicast Traffic Engineering Without MPLS Overlay.

Ning Wang, George Pavlou


Weighted Fair RIO (WF-RIO) for Fair AF Bandwidth Allocation in a DiffServ-Capable MPLS Network.

Kenji Tsunekawa


Sub-network based Hierarchical Segment Restoration in MPLS network.

Hae-Joon Shin, Sang-Heon Shin, Young-Tak Kim


Distributed Systems Management

Automated Validation of Service Configuration on Network Devices.

Sylvain Hallé, Rudy Deca, Omar Cherkaoui, Roger Villemaire


Agent-Based Mobile Multimedia Service Quality Monitoring.

Man Li


A Performance-Oriented Management Information Model for the Chord Peer-to-Peer Framework.

Guillaume Doyen, Emmanuel Nataf, Olivier Festor


Proactive Quality of Service

Real-time Analysis of Delay Variation for Packet Loss Prediction.

Lopamudra Roychoudhuri, Ehab S. Al-Shaer


SLA-Driven Flexible Bandwidth Reservation Negotiation Schemes for QoS Aware IP Networks.

David Chieng, Alan Marshall, Gerard Parr


An Enhanced Virtual Time Simulator for Studying QoS Provisioning of Multimedia Services in UTRAN247.

David Soldani, Achim Wacker, Kari Sipilä


Multimedia Service Control and Management

Event-based Programming Structures for Multimedia Information Flows.

Kaliappa Nadar Ravindran, Ali Sabbir


SIPC, a multi-function SIP user agent.

Xiaotao Wu, Henning Schulzrinne


Optimizing Continuous Media Delivery by Multiple Distributed Servers to Multiple Clients using a Genetic Algorithm.

Gerassimos D. Barlas, Khaled El-Fakih


Mobility: Control and Management

Providing Seamless Mobility with Competition based Soft Handover Management.

Johan Kristiansson, Peter Parnes


Large-Scale Mobile Multimedia Service Management in Next Generation Networks.

Daniel Negru, Ahmed Mehaoua, Anastasios Kourtis, Eric LeBars


Mobility Prediction in Wireless Networks using Neural Networks.

Joe Capka, Raouf Boutaba