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This Open Access IFIP TC6 Digital Library here includes proceedings of the following conferences:

564 proceedings
19257 documents

ADT  -  Workshop on Recent Trends in Algebraic Development Techniques

AI  -  Artificial Intelligence in Theory and Practice

AIAI  -  Artificial Intelligence Applications and Innovations

AIMS  -  Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security

AMPS  -  Advances in Production Management Systems

AN  -  Autonomic Networking

APMS  -  Advanced Production Management Systems

BASYS  -  Balanced Automation Systems

BICC  -  Biologically-Inspired Collaborative Computing

BROADBAND  -  International Conference on Broadband Communications

CAI  -  Computer-Aided Innovation

CARDIS  -  Smart Card Research and Advanced Applications

CCTA  -  Computer and Computing Technologies in Agriculture

CD-ARES  -  Availability, Reliability and Security

CEESET  -  Central and East European Conference on Software Engineering Techniques

CHARME  -  Correct Hardware Design and Verification Methods

CIP  -  Critical Infrastructure Protection

CISIM  -  Computer Information Systems and Industrial Management Applications

CMCS  -  Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science

CMS  -  Communications and Multimedia Security

CNSM  -  Conference on Network and Service Management (successor of MANWEEK which included DSOM, MMNS, and IPOM)

CONFENIS  -  Conference on Enterprise Information Systems

COORDINATION  -  International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages

CSMO  -  Conference on System Modelling and Optimization

DAIS  -  Distributed Applications and Interoperable Systems

DBSEC  -  Data and Applications Security

DF  -  Digital Forensics

DIISM  -  Design of Information Infrastructure Systems for Manufacturing

DIPES  -  Distributed and Parallel Embedded Systems

DOCEIS  -  Doctoral Conference on Computing, Electrical and Industrial Systems

DSL  -  Domain-Specific Languages

DSOM  -  Distributed Systems: Operations and Management

DSVIS  -  Design, Specification, and Verification of Interactive Systems

EAI2N  -  Enterprise Architecture, Integration, Interoperability and Networking

EANN  -  Engineering Applications of Neural Networks

ECS  -  Entertainment Computing Symposium

EDBT  -  Extending Database Technology

EDBTW  -  Extending Database Technology

EDUTECH  -  Edutech

EGES  -  E-Government, E-Services and Global Processes

EGOV  -  Electronic Government

EHCI  -  Engineering for Human-Computer Interaction

EHEALTH  -  Electronic Healthcare

EPART  -  Electronic Participation

ETAPS  -  European Joint Conference on Theory And Practice of Software

EUC  -  Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing

EUCW  -  Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing

EUNICE  -  European Conference on Information and Communications Technologies

EUROPAR  -  European Conference on Parallel Processing

FAST  -  Formal Aspects in Security and Trust

FATES  -  Formal Approaches to Testing of Software

FIDIS  -  Future of Identity in the Information Society

FMOODS  -  Formal Methods for Open Object-Based Distributed Systems

FORTE  -  Formal Techniques for Networked and Distributed Systems

FSEN  -  Fundamentals of Software Engineering

HC  -  History of Computing

HCC  -  Human Choice and Computers

HCIED  -  Working Conference of Human-Computer Interaction Educators

HCIS  -  Human-Computer Interaction Symposium

HCIV  -  Human-Computer Interaction and Visualization

HCSE  -  Human-Centered Software Engineering

HINC  -  History of Nordic Computing

HISTEDU  -  History of Computing and Education

HOIT  -  Home Oriented Informatics and Telematics

HWID  -  Human Work Interaction Design

I3E  -  IFIP conference on e-Business, e-Services, and e-Society

ICCIP  -  International Conference Critical Infrastructure Protection

ICEC  -  International Conference on Entertainment Computing

ICEIMT  -  International Conference on Enterprise Integration and Modeling Technique

ICIN  -  Innovations in Clouds, Internet and Networks

ICQT  -  Internet Charging and QoS Technologies

ICSNW  -  International Conference on Semantics of a Networked World

ICT-EURASIA  -  EurAsian Conference on Information and Communication Technology

ICTSS  -  International Conference on Testing Software and Systems

IDEAL  -  Intelligent Data Engineering and Automated Learning

IDMAN  -  Policies and Research in Identity Management

IEEEARES  -  International Cross-Domain Conference and Workshop on Availability, Reliability, and Security

IESS  -  International Embedded Systems Symposium

IHN  -  Home Networking Conference

IICIS  -  Integrity and Internal Control in Information Systems

IIP  -  Intelligent Information Processing

IM  -  Integrated Network Management

INETSEC  -  Open Research Problems in Network Security

INTELLCOMM  -  Intelligence in Communication Systems

INTERACT  -  International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction

IPAS  -  International Precision Assembly Seminar

ISESS  -  International Symposium on Environmental Software Systems

ITC  -  International Teletraffic Congress

ITEM  -  Information Technology in Educational Management

IWAN  -  International Working Conference on Active Networks

IWEC  -  International Workshop on Entertainment Computing

IWEI  -  IFIP Working Conference on Enterprise Interoperability

IWQOS  -  International Workshop on Quality of Service

IWSOS  -  International Workshop on Self-Organizing Systems

KCKS  -  Key Competencies in the Knowledge Society

KMGOV  -  Knowledge Management in Electronic Government

KMIA  -  Knowledge Management in Action

LANOMS  -  Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium

MANFI  -  Management of the Future Internet

ME  -  Method Engineering

MEDHOCNET  -  Mediterranean Ad Hoc Networking

MIDDLEWARE  -  International Middleware Conference

MLDM  -  Machine Learning and Data Mining in Pattern Recognition

MMNS  -  Management of Multimedia and Mobile Networks and Services

MOBIS  -  Mobile Information Systems

MURPBES  -  Availability, Reliability and Security for Business, Enterprise and Health Information Systems

NETWORKING  -  IFIP Networking Conference

NPC  -  Network and Parallel Computing

ONDM  -  Optical Networking Design and Modeling

OPNETEC  -  Optical Networks & Technologies Conference

OSS  -  Open Source Software

OST  -  Open and Social Technologies for Networked Learning

PERFORM  -  Performance Evaluation of Computer and Communication Systems

PLM  -  Product Lifecycle Management for Society

POEM  -  Practice of Enterprise Modeling

PPAI  -  Professional Practice in Artificial Intelligence

PRIMELIFE  -  Privacy and Identity Management for Life

PROLAMAT  -  Digital Product and Process Development Systems

PROVE  -  Working Conference on Virtual Enterprises

PTS  -  Testing of Software and Communicating Systems

PWC  -  Personal Wireless Communications

SC  -  Software Composition

SEC  -  International Information Security Conference

SET  -  Software Engineering Techniques: Design for Quality

SEUS  -  Software Technologies for Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems

SIMPDA  -  International Symposium on Data-Driven Process Discovery and Analysis

SOCO  -  Software Composition

SORUCOM  -  Soviet and Russian Computing

SUSTAINIT  -  Sustainable Internet and ICT for Sustainability

TAMODIA  -  Task Models and Diagrams for User Interface Design

TC11-5  -  IFIP WG 11.5: IT Assurance and Audit

TCGOV  -  International Conference on E-Government

TDIT  -  Transfer and Diffusion of IT

TESTCOM  -  Testing of Software and Communicating Systems

TMA  -  Network Traffic Measurement and Analysis Conference

VLSI  -  International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration

VLSISOC  -  International Conference on Very Large Scale Integration

VSTTE  -  Verified Software: Theories, Tools, Experiments

WAC  -  Workshop on Autonomic Communication

WADT  -  Workshop on Recent Trends in Algebraic Development Techniques

WCCE  -  World Conference on Computers in Education

WCITD  -  Wireless Communications and. Information Technology in Developing Countries

WIOPT  -  Modeling and Optimization in Mobile, Ad-Hoc and Wireless Networks

WISTP  -  Workshop on Information Security Theory and Practices

WMNC  -  Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference

WOCOUQ  -  Working Conference on Uncertainty Quantification in Scientific Computing

WONS  -  Wireless on Demand Network Systems and Service

WSAN  -  Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks

WWIC  -  Wired/Wireless Internet Communications