IFIP TC6 Open Digital Library

6. Integrated Network Management 1999: Boston, MA, USA

1999 IEEE/IFIP International Symposium on Integrated Network Management, IM 1999, Boston, USA, May 24-28, 1999. Proceedings

Morris Sloman, Subrata Mazumdar, Emil C. Lupu

IEEE, ISBN: 0-7803-5748-5


Web-based Management

Push vs. Pull in Web-Based Network Management.

Jean-Philippe Martin-Flatin


Web-based Messaging Management Using Java Servlets.

Gordon B. Jones, Elizabeth D. Zeisler, Li-Chuan Chen


Event Aggregation and Distribution in Web-based Management Systems.

Sakir Yucel, Nibs Anerouris


Integration of WBEM-based Management Agents in the OSI Framework.

Olivier Festor, Paul Festor, Nizar Ben Youssef, Laurent Andrey



A Novel Approach for Mapping the OSI-SM / TMN Model to ODP / OMG CORBA.

George Pavlou


TMN-based Intelligent Network Number Portability Service Management System Using CORBA.

Suk-Kyong An, Mi-Joung Choi, Jae-Young Kim, James W. Hong, Sang-Ki Kim


New Design Schemes for Lightweight TMN Mediation Device/Q3 Adapter.

Jai-Jin Lim, Kye-Wan Kim


A Management Information Tree Architecture supporting Efficient Managed Object Selection.

Dongjin Han, Wenzhe Cui, Youngeun Park, Geonung Kim, Sunshin An


Performance Management

Measurement and Management of Internet Services.

Chuck Darst, Sinivas Ramanatha


Dynamic Polling Scheme Based on Time Variation of Network Management Information Values.

Kiyohito Yoshihara, Keizo Sugiyama, Hiroki Horiuchi, Sadao Obana


Minimizing the Monitoring Cost in Network Management.

Jia Jiao, Shamim Naqvi, Danny Raz, Binay Sugla


Scaling Internet Services by Dynamic Allocation of Connections.

Germán S. Goldszmidt, Guemey Hunt


Virtual Private Networks

The Multi-layer VPN Management Architecture.

Eun Chul Kim, Choong Seon Hong, Joong-Goo Song


MIBlets: A Practical Approach to Virtual Network Management.

Walfrey Ng, Andrew Do-Sung Jun, HungKei Keith Chow, Raouf Boutaba, Alberto Leon-Garcia


Managing Groups in Dynamic Networks.

Boris Gruschke, Stephen Heilbronner, Norbert Wienold


Event Correlation and Managment

A Conceptual Framework for Network Management Event Correlation and Filtering Systems.

Masum Hasan, Binay Sugla, Ramesh Viswanathan


Composite Events for Network Event Correlation.

Guangtian Liu, Aloysius K. Mok, Eric J. Yang


SoLOMon: Monitoring End-User Service Levels.

Svend Frølund, Mudita Jain, Jim Pruyne


Service Management

The Development of Integrated Inter and Intra Domain Management Services.

David Lewis, Vincent Wade, Ralf Bracht


SLA Management in Federated Environments.

Preeti Bhoj, Sharad Singhal, Sailesh Chutani


An Approach to Predictive Detection for Service Management.

Joseph L. Hellerstein, Fan Bang, Perwez Shahabuddin


Experience in Enterprise Management

Reusable Architecture for Data-Centric Network Management Systems.

Rajeev Copal, David Whitejield


Multi-Facet Internet Resource Management System.

Hong Liu, Heidi H. Dempsey


Experiments with Data Mining in Enterprise Management.

Arno J. Knobbe, Danïel van der Wallen, Lundy Lewis


Adaptable Networks

A Model for Adaptive Monitoring Configurations.

Hasina Abdu, Hanan Lutfiyya, Mike A. Bauer


The Impact of Active Networking Technology on Service Management in a Telecom Environment.

Marcus Brunner, Rolf Stadler


An Adaptable Network COntrol and Reporting System (ANCORS).

Livio Ricciulli, Phillip A. Porras


Formal Methods

Formal Specification of SNMP MIB's Using Action Semantics: The Routing Proxy Case Study.

Elias Procópio Duarte Jr., Martin A. Musicante


A Methodology for Formalizing GDMO Behavior Descriptions.

Peer Hasselmeyer


Application of SDL-92 for the specification of OSI Management Systems.

Manuel Rodríguez, Ramón Calmeau, Eusebio Fernández


WDM & ADSL Management

On the Design of an Integrated Management Platform for an ADSL/ATM based Access Network using CORBA.

Filip Vandenneulen, Piet Demeester, Piet De Ceuleners, Jean-Marc Reynders, Hans Opstaele


A Case Study of a WDM Agent.

Hal Badt, Luc Jousset, Xavier Letellier, Vincent Vinit, Christophe Drion


WDM Network Management: Experiences gained in a European Field Trial.

Georg Lehr, Ralf Braun, Heiko Dassow, Guido Carls, Ulrike Hartmer, Andreas Gladisch, H. Schmid, M. Dollinger



SNMPv3 Can Still be Simple?

Omar Cherkaoui, Nathalie Rico, Ahmed Serhrouchni


Experiences with the SNMP-based integrated management of a CORBA-based electronic commerce application.

Juan I. Asensio, Víctor A. Villagrá, Jorge E. López de Vergara, Julio Berrocal


Managing Modems by Periodic Polling.

Daniel R. Seligman


Distributed Object Platforms

A Distributed Computing Environment for Building Scalable Management Services.

Nikolaos Anerousis


An Event Notification Framework based on Java and CORBA.

Masahiro Tomono


Managing the Management: CORBA-based Instrumentation of Management Systems.

Alexander Keller


Intelligent and Mobile Agents

Intelligent Agents for Network Management: a Fault Detection Experiment.

Morsy M. Cheikhrouhou, Pierre Conti, Jacques Labetoulle, Karina Marcus


Intelligent Mobile Agents: Towards Network Fault Management Automation.

Mohamed El-Darieby, Andrzej Bieszczad


Decentralized SNMP Management with Mobile Agents.

Michael Zapf, Klaus Herrmann, Kurt Geihs


Quality of Service Management

It Ain't What You Charge, It's The Way That You Do It: A User Perspective of Network QoS and Pricing.

Anna Bouch, Martina Angela Sasse


QoSockets: a New Extension to the Sockets API for End-to-End Application QoS Management.

Patrícia Gomes Soares Florissi, Yechiam Yemini, Danilo Florissi


QoS Restoration using a Disjoint Path Group in ATM Networks.

Kil-Hung Lee, Yong-Hoon Choi, Jai-Yong Lee, Sang-Bae Lee


Security Management

Secure Management by Delegation within the Internet Management Framework.

Jürgen Schönwälder, Jürgen Quittek


DecIdUouS: Decentralized Source Identification for Network-Based Intrusions.

Ho-Yen Chang, Ravindar Narayan, Shyhtsun Felix Wu, Brain Vetter, Xinyuan Wang, M. Brown, Jim Yuill, Chandramouli Sargor, Y. Frank Jou, Fengmin Gong


Towards Securing Network Management Agent Distribution and Communication.

Larry Korba


Fault Management

A Constraint-Based Approach to Fault Management for Groupware Services.

Mihaela Sabin, Alex Bakman, Eugene C. Freuder, Robert D. Russell


Fault Prediction at the Network Layer using Intelligent Agents.

Marina Thottan, Chuanyi Ji


Adaptive Network/Service Fault Detection in Transaction-Oriented Wide Area Networks.

L. Lawrence Ho, David J. Cavuto, Masum Z. Hasan, Frank E. Feather, Symeon Papavassiliou, Anthony G. Zawadzki


An automatic fault diagnosis and correction system for telecommunications management.

Georgia C. Penido, José Marcos S. Nogueira, Christiano Mata Machado


Policy Based Management

Policies in SNMPv3-based Management.

Salima Omari, Raouf Boutaba, Omar Cherkaoui


Policy-Based Networking Architecture for QoS Interworking in IP Management.

David C. Blight, Takeo Hamada


Application-Specific Policies: Beyond the Domain Boundaries.

Herbert Bos


Distributed Systems and Applications

Modeling IT Operations to Derive Provider Accepted Management Tools.

Sebastian Abeck, Christian Mayerl


Distributed Management with Mobile Components.

Metin Feridun, Wilco Kasteleijn, Jens Krause


Multi-Management: application-centric approach.

Alex Aizman


Multi-Media Management

Control and Management Architecture for Multipoint Videoconferencing over ATM Networks.

Chorng-Horng Yang, Ting-Chao Hou, Chao-Cheng Wen, Horng-Jang Yang, Kim-Joan Chen


Real-Time Control and Management of Distributed Applications using IP-Multicast.

Peter Parnes, Kåre Synnes, Dick Schefström


Management of Proxy Objects Providing Multimedia Applications in the Mobile Environment.

Jochen Seitz, Keith Cheverst, Nigel Davies, Michael Ebner, Adrian Friday



An Integrated Management System Architecture for Utility Telecommunication Network.

Tetsuo Otani


Desktop-based Network Management.

Luca Deri


Network Configuration with Plug-and-Play Components.

Syed Kamran Raza, Andrzej Bieszczad


Automatic Topology Discovery and Virtual Connection Trace for ATM Networks Using SNMP.

Hwa-Chun Lin, Chen-Sin Ye, Chuan-Ching Lin


Improving Reliability of Intelligent Agents for Network Management.

Karina Marcus


Generic Performance Management of Multiservice Networks.

Iain Phillips, Mark Sandford, David J. Parish, Omar Bashir


A CSP Approach to IT Service Management.

Gabi Dreo Rodosek, Thomas Kaiser, Robert Rodosek


TMN-based Integrated Network Management Using Web and CORBA.

Jae-Young Kim, Seung-Duck Lim, James W. Hong, Seong-Beom Kim, Han-Young Lee


Experiences with Network Management Issues in Integrated Voice/Data Switch.

Devender Goyal, Eric Reedy


X-type Interface for Management of Multi-domain, Multi-technology Networks.

Raquel Díaz-Caldera, Joan Serrat-Fernández, Klearchos Berdekas, Fotis Karayannis


Debugging Network Management Scripting Applications.

Dong Zhu, Adarshpal S. Sethi


Integration Architecture of Multi-Technology Management Systems.

Claus Grabowski, Lennart H. Bjerring, Siamak Peykarimah, Lars B. Sorensen, Ralf Bracht, Jim O'Hara, Vincent P. Wade, Hervé Karp